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Why Alexander Kosarev became the last secretary general of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League? Part 1

Fall of 2008 connected as a felling wreath, three round dates connected with Komsomol: 90 years as it was formed, 105 years as the last secretary general of this youth organization was born, Alexander Vasilyevich Kosarev, and 70, as it arrested on false charge of espionage. Secretaries general after murder of the outstanding leader of youth 30 - x years and the majority of the Central Committee, his adherents, in Komsomol were not any more - only the first.

He was born on November 14 (on November 1 according to the Art. to style) 1903 on the suburb of Moscow in a poor large family of workers platochno - knitting factory. In nine years poverty sent Sasha to work on tsinkovalny plant, and after two years of work on harmful production it until the end of life had rough hands. Before World War I parents took away the eleven-year-old son from etching shop and arranged on native factory. Wearisome child labor, extortionate greed of rich men, unfair salary revolted the teenager, and it early joined in class fight.

After creation of Komsomol on 1 - m the All-Russian congress of the unions of young and country workers on October 29, 1918 Kosarev entered in November this organization. In October, 1919 he became the member of RCP(b) and in incomplete sixteen years went to Petrograd to protect proletarian revolution. Several months later Petrograd sent to sponges him which had 2 - x cool tserkovno - parish education, to a regional political school on 3 - x monthly courses. After their termination Kosarev headed political courses at the Central Komsomol school, but at the beginning of March, 1921 the vigorous party member was appointed the instructor of the Vasileostrovsky district committee of RKSM.

Probably, to Zinovyev`s clan Alexander Kosarev had not on temper: at the end of 1921 he returned to Moscow and got a job in the Bauman district committee of RKSM the organizer. Did not pass also month as it already became the first secretary of this district committee. In the spring of 1924 he was elected the member of MK PKCM bureau, and he was a delegate of the XIII congress of RCP(b). After congress Kosarev does a prompt throw to the secretary general position - Iosif Vissarionovich attentively looks narrowly at the smiling and executive leader of Moskovsky Komsomolets, and in July of the same year it is sent to Communistic university, and at the beginning of September transferred to Executive committee of Communistic International of Youth.

In the middle of November, 1924 Kosarev is sent in Penza to RKSM sponges for a work raising, however it is possible to assume that its main objective as first secretary, was to gain authority among Komsomol members and party members to be the elected delegate of the XIV congress of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) - companion Stalin was seriously anxious with the forthcoming battle for the power with opposition.

In June, 1925 Alexander Kosarev is delegated on the IV RLKSM All-Union conference, and in December - on the XIV congress of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks). Here he participates in preparation of the resolution About Komsomol also is a part of the crew of the Central Committee RLKSM going in January, 1926 to Leningrad under Sergey Mironovich Kirov`s patronage for an explanation to Komsomol members of a policy of the party, solutions of congress of industrialization and incorrect positions of their heads.

Kosarev quickly changed a situation, and oppositional Moskovsko - the Narva district committee elected him the first secretary. However already on April 23, 1926 Alexander is recalled to Moscow for work as the manager the orgraspredotdely Central Committee of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League and entered into structure of Central Committee bureau of Komsomol (Tsekamol), and on March 25, 1927 elect the secretary. In May of the same year he goes as the secretary of the Central Committee of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League for strengthening of the Moscow committee of Komsomol and is delegated on the fifteenth congress of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks). On March 24, 1929 on plenum of the Central Committee of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League of Alexander Kosarev elect the secretary general.

Prompt its movement to the highest position in the communistic youth organization of the Soviet Union was such. He became the third and last secretary general: Nicolay Chaplin from March, 1925 to May to the 1928, second - Alexander Milchakov from May, 1928 to April, 1929 was the first. All three in the years of Big terror of companion Stalin were repressed by his oprichnina. In the same 1929 Kosarev is delegated on the V All-Union congress of Councils where it is elected the member of the Central Election Commission of the USSR, and also on the VI All-Union conference of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League, the XVI conference of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) and participates in work of the international anti-imperialistic congress of youth in Frankfurt am Main.

For progress of Komsomol in socialist construction the Presidium of the Central Election Commission of the USSR awarded on October 28, 1933 Alexander Kosarev with the Order of Lenin as the outstanding organizer of Komsomol masses in their fight under the direction of party for a five-years period victory . In 1934 Kosarev was a delegate of the XVII congress of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) and in the speech at an evening meeting on January 28 condemned the theory rights for doubt the founder of Komsomol Lazar Shatskin, having assured about full solidarity with the party line. It finished the performance with glorification to companion Stalin.

In 1936 Kosarev was re-elected as the secretary general of Tsekamol and worried terrible 1937 though in August on Plenum of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) of the Central Committee the resolution was adopted that he showed intolerant political carelessness and tolerated blasting work of enemies of the people in Komsomol. Then companion Stalin did not hand over it to Ezhov, but in a year did not interfere with arrest on obviously false charge of espionage brought by Lavrenti Beria and to physical extermination of leaders of Komsomol over all country.

Kosarev was shot on February 23, 1939, and he became the last secretary general of the Central Committee of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League - all subsequent leaders of communistic youth, starting with Nikolay Mikhaylov, were chosen the first. But why nevertheless Iosif Vissarionovich decided to lower the status of the head of Komsomol?.

About it is in the following part.