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What waits for our cars in the near future?

Somehow in article of one of historians, I will not remember his surname now, I read extremely touching reasonings on that, what a pity, that we live not in 19 - m or even 18 - m a century. The sense of complaints was reduced to the fact that then in orthodox times people had a set of holidays, besides Saturdays and Sundays. Nowadays church dates are celebrated by rather narrow circle of believers, to have to be content with the rest with very modest list of secular holidays. I do not argue, red we indeed have some days of a calendar, but of various memorable Days - is more than enough. Beginning of Day of poetry and finishing in the International afternoon without car. Yes, there is in our daily log also such date. 22 - go September, drivers who care for environment have to or change on bicycles and scooters, or at all to pass into the category of pedestrians. By the way, this action captured already more than one thousand cities around the world, and in many of them it lasts the whole week.

That not wind in the field blows, kicking up a whirlwind dust.

It rushes on the road the high-speed car!
Today emergence on the road of an iron horse surprises nobody with

. Jeeps and sedans comfortably feel both in the tundra and in the Australian pampas. And, apparently, absolutely not so long ago about self-propelled carriages it was only possible to read in fantastic novels or fairy tales. And only in 80 - x years 19 - go centuries Karl Benz invented the first-ever petrol car. Then the four-wheel miracle created the real furor - nobody especially believed that on an iron thingummy it is possible without risk for life to leave further the neighboring house. But already at a turn of the twentieth century of the car on city and rural streets stopped being a rarity.

At once the leading scientists and engineers, professionals and fans arranged the real technical race by the principle of ancient Olympians - quicker, above, stronger. Capacities of cars were increased, serious work on their high-speed characteristics was conducted, cars became all komfortabelny.

Literally the other day Nissan Motor Co company., Ltd., declared completion of construction of the special route in Japan to carry out tests for speed more than 300 km/h. And as experts speak - it is not a limit.

Meanwhile, race behind speeds and comfortableness for long time left in a shadow one more of the main problems of the autoindustry - fuel. In fact, as in 19 - m a century of the car began to go by gasoline, so they also continue the travel on this type of oil products. And only sharp exhaustion of world reserves of oil forced scientists to attend to searches of alternative fuel.

Probably, each of us in the childhood read the fine fairy tale of Nikolay Nosov Dunno`s Adventures . And perhaps, someone remembers that else then the children`s writer gave one of prophetical ideas.

Once the Small screw and Shpuntik told nothing to nobody, were closed at themselves in a workshop and began to make something. The whole month they sawed, planed, riveted, soldered and showed nothing to nobody and when month passed, it turned out that they made the car. This car worked at sparkling water with syrup

Laughter laughter, but now many scientists say that from fructose, in other words, of fruit sugar, it is possible to synthesize rather cheap and power-intensive basis for diesel fuel of the future. The American researchers already carried out large-scale laboratory researches and proved prospects it a type of fuel.

However as show calculations of experts, opportunities in search of alternative fuel at us unlimited. There are already positive experiences with use hydrogen engine. At full speed various biomaterials are used, beginning from sawdust and household waste and finishing with straw and excrement of farm animals. By the way, a certain German burgher learned to extract diesel fuel for with own hand designed engine from dead cats at all.

In a word, options weight. So far introduction of these technologies to be slowed down from - for extraordinary high cost of alternative fuel. However and the science does not stand still. And as practice shows if the mankind needs very something moreover and in big scales, besides making good profit, the world for science it is capable to strain and give out quickly with a bang demanded. Appeal of alternative fuel is available. It is ergonomic, litters the atmosphere less, does not exhaust irreplaceable natural resources.

For example, at the beginning of 2006 in France the research group presented the hydrogen fuel element weighing only 5 kg allowing to go to the car at one gas station of 500 km. Moreover, the experimental Peugeot 307 models and Citroyon C4 which are equipped with the new hybrid engine were shown to the public!. The design of these models combines an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Such system allows to cut down considerably fuel expenses - to 3,4 liters of diesel fuel for 100 km. It is asked, well who would refuse such gift! If our iron konyashka are able to pass to similar fuel, then and day without car to us it is not required. Nevertheless whatever one may do, and to present itself horseless not everyone can do today. Not without reason Hedgehogs Lets spoke in due time - A certain being rose on two back extremities, and then fell by four wheels " again;.

Ah, as I was ottyuningovat! (From conversation of two drivers.)

Of course, the word tuning was published in our dictionary rather recently, and here the passion to an embellishment of a favourite Zhiguli or Toyota lived in the driver`s heart, probably, always. Blinds, additional small lamps and plush kangaroos - it is minimum that the motorist for the car could make. But more inzhenerno - technically advanced owners learned to improve iron horses absolutely wonderfully for a long time.

- It is the eight-wheel steam car with pistachio cooling, - Shurupchik explained. - Four wheels at it from below and four from above. Usually the car goes on the lower wheels; the top wheels are made if the car will turn over. All eight wheels of the car are put at an angle, that is obliquely thanks to what the car can go not only as all cars go, but also on one side and even by a back, that is absolutely head over heels. Thus, the possibility of any accidents is prevented.

Shurupchik got into the car and showed driving on it in all four provisions then continued the explanations . I will honestly tell, to me the similar miracle of equipment did not meet, however knowing talents of modern lefthanders, I will not be surprised if where - nibud the similar monster and dissects on roads. At least, the Field put on nearly tank caterpillars in the nature exists.

Configurations of amphibians and that it is more. There are even attempts of creation of the flying car. So far, however, it is single and very expensive copies, but besides and the technical thought does not stand still. For example, in Germany constructed the whole country house on wheels. The huge monster not only has kitchen, rooms and state muddy, but even the built-in garage for the car.

The interesting joint project was issued by developers of the Lexus company and famous director Steven Spielberg. They thought up the movie about vehicle fleet of 2054 - go years. And all automobile frills are constructed on exclusively scientific forecasts. And so, according to experts, cars of the future not only will be operated by the autopilot, but also to learn in every possible way to facilitate the driver`s life. Cars will be able independently to be engaged in cleaning of salon, to change color on command. Well unless it is not dream of the owner?! - the car which washes itself. Besides technicians assure that the majority of transport exclusively on electric motors will move.

In a word, progress is not going to stand still at all. And as know, perhaps, on our century there will be similar automasterpieces. And motorists will forever forget that there was in the history such day - day without car.