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Masa: what secret is born in themselves by the African nomads?

of Masai - one of the most surprising people on the earth. An amazing combination of pristineness and absolute naturalness in perception of a modern civilization - the main line of these indigenous people living in the savanna in the territory both Kenya and Tanzania.

Their about one million people though, speak, number strongly decreased after epidemic of a sleepy illness (a transferable fly tse - tse), practically nobody has passports therefore nobody can count exact quantity of a masaa.

These semi-nomadic people not only almost completely kept the traditional tenor of life, but also just do not fit in in any framework. It is not similar to the tribes surrounding it at all. Neither way of life, nor appearance.

Masa are in own way very beautiful: tall, slender, broad-shouldered, uzkobedry men. A bearing and gait - just on lovely sight. Same high, harmonous, at the same time bare the shaved women. At children sticks are inserted into lobes of ears - as a result at adults of a lobe of ears can be to shoulders, bearing on themselves weight of massive earrings.

Usual food - cow blood flour and milk soup. Meat is eaten seldom, protect cows as the supreme value. Average life expectancy - not less than 70 years even for men (if only not to consider child mortality).

To the villages masa try to entice tourists. In principle, they can live on one place till some years until the cattle eats all grass in vicinities. Means, and children could go to school, however it is a big rarity. And, if all - went once to school, then you are a scientist of a masaa, receive guests in " style; it is model - an indicative Masai family . However, from the scientist of a masaa it is possible to hear also the nonplusing questions, it seems: And Russia is somewhere in Africa, huh?

The house and a family of a masaa - the phenomenon not less interesting. The huts put from bush branches, covered with the dried-up manure, the center in the middle (heat on - black), on each side - the beds made of the same branches and covered with bark of trees. Hut height - about one and a half meters, and the average height of the man of a masaa is not less than 175 centimeters in any way. Come, having bended double.

Polygamy is widespread among a masaa. For the following wife the separate hut is under construction that is quite reasonable. And here the cattle belongs only to men. The man - the owner of everything, but itself works only until children grow up, then it is considered indecent. But a masaa - the soldier and as there is no war, the only work which he affords, children will not grow up yet, are to graze cattle. All other work - the privilege of women, up to preparation of firewood.

Teenagers leave the tribe, earlier term in 7 years was considered as obligatory - so much time was given for independence finding. As a last resort, it was possible to come back home earlier, but only - having brought the head of the enemy. They say that this custom is not observed now, however nobody knows authentically that he is created in the remote areas. But children anyway go to the savanna. The boys alone sleeping directly on a grass, covered with a raincoat it is possible to see nearly everyone half a kilometer. But upon return they are already considered as adults, can marry and receive a share in property.

Masa worship forces of nature, their gods live on the mountains. They just put dead men in the savanna, for predators (only children receive full burial). After death of the person of a masaa respected in the tribe act from the place again and leave. Wild, but irresistible custom is and up to that moment trimming both for boys, and for girls. The lower tooth is also for appearance extracted.

All songs at Masayev on two melodies, but sing beautifully. And even more beautifully dance - the truth, only on one movement. The main thing - is very high to jump up, then to land, pritopnut and victoriously to look around.

Masa are known as furious soldiers, and everywhere prefer to take them in protection. But they protect only with the weapon: same long stick and sword.

The biggest riddle of a masaa - clothes and the weapon. They are wrapped in the pieces of fabric reminding the Roman toga, leaving open one shoulder, and cover with a " raincoat shoulders; a la the Roman legionary . Sandals standing too go back to the Roman prototypes.

Similarity to the Roman accessories in that part which concerns the weapon is absolutely improbable. The spear which is amazingly reminding Roman pilum and a short sword - similarity Roman.

It is known that masa migrated from the valley of Nile in Sudan, and language which they speak belongs to Nile family of language groups. And there is a legend that masa - descendants of Nile of group of Romans which got lost in upper courses