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It was worth watching it? A festival of street theaters

Three days in August, 2008 - a theater festival to Bath - the Hole, the seaside city in Israel. Ten one and a half open areas on the embankment. On everyone - the program, representations repeat each 2 hours (begin at 8 o`clock in the evening, come to an end in 10. 30.) . Throughout kilometer - crowd to the people, eager for shows!

Angels Belgian group. The idea is not absolutely clear though there is some action. It seems, two contract marriage. Allegedly the bride steps on the stage in a white dress with the long loop (meters 10) and with a violin. Allegedly the groom in a dress coat leaves with a cane and in a kettle. It begins to play - and at this time in air over them in beams of searchlights begin to turn 8 angels. That is at first it is some white bubbles, and then from these bubbles spheres take off, hearts, nylon strips, feathers, bubbles change a form and from them act angels . They light torches, and then on a circle on which cradles with angels are suspended, rockets are lit. On it representation and wedding comes to an end (in the final - a long kiss of the groom and bride, that is now the husband and the wife). Spectacularly, though the plan is absolutely unclear. About playing a violin I can tell nothing except that the bride really the violinist also plays alive. All attention was riveted on angels!

Following traditions of theatrical critics - to abuse to the last, to praise for anything - has to tell the following. Representation revealed weak acquaintance of the director to inhabitants of heaven: angels have to be a masculine gender. In our case at them at all perfectly developed breast (long not to explain - as at Verki Serdyuchki). Basic mistake! In heaven women or girls never served! Saints - that is another matter, but neither angels, nor especially nobody ever saw female archangels!

What they actually (out of representation) did not manage to be made out, seemingly, as actually it is girls. It is necessary to pay tribute to angelic courage: they about half an hour dangle in air in cradles (the special crane is for this purpose used). Besides, the suspension bracket with cradles describes a cycle in air.

The following representation - UFO . Imagine a toroid (in popular speech - a steering-wheel) in which center on some tower there is allegedly an astronaut: on it a flight brown jacket, motorcycle points of the beginning of the last century. It has in hands a microphone, it about something with someone is outvoiced: so there is a lot of sound that it seems, it wants to make itself heard from space to Earth.

The toroid is hollow, translucent. On its surface some silhouettes run - you will not sort that. Terrible roar: apparently, the toroid represents the interplanetary ship which lands. At last, the landing was made, to us move apart a protection and invite to pass inside.

We turn out in a toroid compartment (compartment length - meters 5). As then it appeared - such compartments not less than eight. Invite to sit down on the earth. We sit down under a roar from loud-speakers. Before us there is a character who brings a dish with pieces of ice and declares himself the keeper of cold. Suggests to take on a piece and to do some manipulations with it, but from - for a roar it is impossible to understand what is required from the audience. I put it in a mouth: very hot, Marina thinks better - smears with palm ice. I after it smear something.

The beat of a drum is distributed - the first character goes on the left, to the next compartment, and on the right appears new - the keeper of the earth, his leg in plastic boxes. What would it mean? Then in the same way instead of it the keeper of light, then still someone appears When all cycle of round is finished with

, the first character appears before us again, gets shofar (horn), blows in it, and after that in Russian says a prayer (something it seems Be mercy and do not punish me for sins ) .

After a prayer before us the entrance in a bagel, on the platform with a tower on which there is an astronaut opens. It still above, only now still turns around own axis, and around it the small rocket rotates (it drives it on a wire). Same roar. We take seats on the earth again, and actors all of a sudden (perhaps, for great pleasure that the ship at last landed) begin dance in which involve the audience. The public together with actors begins to circle, a couple of minutes all this moves, then calms down, but actors take the positions on a tower: who hangs, who all was bent who head over heels.

Final. All embrace (these embraces actors provoke), and then actors hand to the audience bags for collecting garbage which the audience reserved! This ingenious course! Stanislavsky told that the theater begins with a hanger, and here the theater comes to an end in cleaning of garbage!

Impression: to noise there was much. What was played by actors (it is necessary to tell that game was selfless!) - it was absolutely unclear. But it was interesting, however: same it is necessary to think up it!

After long reflections on the subject And what it would mean? came to a conclusion that it is the propaganda material for ecology! And collecting garbage was a finale: observe purity, do not pollute the nature! Though on the other hand - at what weeds in space and these mysterious keepers here?

Left from steering-wheels on the embankment. And here some people of the odd person in clothes of the middle of the last century go in crowd, looking around and examining public, being perplexed (as if) what all do here and from where they undertook. The green person (in sense dressed in green and with the face painted greens) rushed about in crowd, sticking to all It was cheerful and strange to observe this buffoonery. On the one hand it is as if return to sources, to street representations of the " type; if only it was ridiculous and interesting with another - language does not turn to call it theater, even street. Though the public looked at it with interest and even somewhere had a good time.

And those who for us made it: actors, directors and assistants, property men and sound technicians enjoyed process more, than the audience for whom all this became.

Day of a festival ended, it was interesting to look at how work in the different countries, to get acquainted with farcical action, to learn new - old. Also we left with desire to visit surely the next festival!