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What remarkable is in an ugly doll? History Bratz.

Unusual dolls from a series Bratts promptly and triumphally continue the procession along the world, forcing out not only darlings before baby dolls more and stronger, but even very popular still Barbie. But when in the USA in June, 2001 the MGA Entertainment company started the first line Bratts, nobody, except for the one and only person, suspected that the brand will gain such popularity and will become multi-billion.

Isaak Larian - the Jew of the Iranian origin at which in 2000 - year the idea on creation of a new doll from vinyl which would throw down a challenge to total domination of Barbie was born m was this person.

Those years Larian was the president and the executive director of the MGA company - Micro - games of America (Micro Games of America), specializing in consumer electronics, since 1979. In toy country the MGA company entered at the end of 80 - x when it acquired the rights for sale in the USA of toys of Nintendo.

When the repogolovy doll still was at a development stage, 11 - the summer daughter Lariana came from it to full delight, and the loving father decided to call this representative of a series by the name of the child - Jasmin. So the first doll from the Bratz series was born, and soon three more girlfriends of different nationalities (Jade, Chloe and Sasha) who became heroines of the new movie " joined it; Bratz .

Having appeared in shops of the USA in the middle of 2001, these dolls shocked professionals with the eccentricity at once: These?! Such ugly?! Nobody will also buy them!!! - unanimously they went on and were mistaken.

Already during a preprazdnichny, prechristmas season Bratts on sales bypassed Barbie and took the leading position. For only one December about eight and a half million dollars, and it only on retails were obtained!

So in what there was a secret absolutely nonclassical and ugly according to many, a doll? In it! In them not classicality singularity.

We will begin with the fact that the word Bratz - is derivative of English brat what on a slang is designation of the naughty, unruly teenager. Larian spoke about the children: We wanted to create dolls which would be similar to ordinary, real little girls, to their idols from screens of TVs, to heroes of their computer games, comics and fashionable podiums .

And this reality, obyknovennost served excellent service - in February, 2002 in New - York at an exhibition of toys Bratts gets the most prestigious award of America - Choice of the people ( Peoples Choice of the Year ) .

Isaak Larian as the real businessman and the optimist, sincerely believed that for Bratts there is a future. And it worked! By 2003 MGA trebled release of dolls of a series.

However in order that Bratz became so popular brand, Larian`s team had to work much. The idea that all little girls want to become adults sooner or later was the basis for a product. For girls of initial teenage age (from 8 to 13 years) with their passion to parties and hobby for fashion ingenious toys - girls with a passion for fashion were also created (little girls with passion to fashion) that made them revolutionary in the world of classical dolls.

Bratts allowed yesterday`s babies to slightly open with their baby dolls a door to the world of youth, having brought closer to parties and fashion with its attributes and details.

But success - a thing changeable therefore Larian`s team had to concentrate on how to keep a brand fresh, interesting and innovative for long time. The aiming at a certain audience is traced in all details of a product including in packing which is constantly updated and developed with an obvious share of a creative and in style of the recent fashionable trends. And already only it attracts to it zavorozhyonny all eyes of girls - teenagers.

The line of the dolls (sustained by all means in new trends and trends of fashion and style) is updated about 4 - 5 once a year that keeps the brand working for years. And a variety of dresses and accessories, attention to details help young customers to dream and embody the fashionable ideas in game.

As at true lovers of parties, at dolls Bratts is all necessary: a lot of stylish clothes, disks and a karaoke, DVD - players, computers and video games, limousines and sets for surfing, the sushi - bars, clubs and discos etc. How such toys can not be pleasant to teenagers with their thirst for career of the singer or the actress (many of us endured the similar moment), with their love to the noisy companies and bright, populous concourses? They give the mass of opportunities to think up and realize the thought-up image!

Besides or exclusive you will not call Bratz as a brand expensive - dolls of a series are rather available, there are inexpensive collections at all. And the growing popularity of these beauties among little girls does Bratts by quite desired goods for young customers. Of course? Good fellow Larian! Thought over everything!

So ridiculous and ridiculous creations with the big heads, huge lips and glazishcha began and continue the victorious procession along the world of a teenage party, shocking us, adults.