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What do we know about east calendar?

of the Chinese astrology more than 4700 years. But also now the Chinese horoscope, along with zodiac, is most popular in the majority of the countries of the world. As his founders it is possible to consider the emperor Yaoa who enjoined to create him, and actually astrologers Hsis and Huo who made a horoscope for the emperor.

In the beginning it was used only as a calendar that citizens knew when it is necessary to begin field works. Originators of a horoscope were very dear people because those days astrological knowledge was rare and from that very valuable. All wanted to learn the destiny: from governors and grandees, to simple dealers.

East horoscope (it still call Chinese) describes relationship between people: in China it is considered that relationship between people and defines events which happen to us.


By drawing up a horoscope considers a rhythm of the movement on a firmament of the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. Now we got used that in East calendar is designated every year by one of twelve animals, but so was not always. Much before years were designated by the difficult Chinese symbols which had a set of values. But approximately in 2690 B.C. animals began to designate years of a horoscope, and it is connected with the prophet Buddha who appeared at that time.

Probably, many heard a legend of Buddha`s leaving from Earth. According to this drevnevostochny legend, the prophet before the leaving called all animals to say goodbye, however not everyone came to its call. As sequence of arrival of animals, Buddha distributed to them by one year of board. The first the Rat came to say goodbye, the Pig was the last animal. Everything as we know, there were 12 such animals. Buddha punished that qualities inherent in them have to affect also in character of the people born in a year of this or that animal.

On the Chinese outlook, everything on Earth consists of five basic elements: waters, earth, fire, tree and metal. And each ruling animal is allocated by the positive, the neutral and negative characteristic. Therefore year defines not only an animal - the governor, but also elements. Thus, it is not obligatory at all that years his animal will be favorable for the person, as well as the fact that years " is not obligatory; strangers animals will be unsuccessful. To everyone verses there corresponds also the color: to water - blue (black), the earth - yellow (ochre), to a tree - green, to metal - white, and to fire - red.

Except an animal and elements, there is also the third part is a power (vector) characteristic. A machismo (an exhalation, plus), Yang - an expansion vector, and Yin, a feminine (a breath, minus) - a compression vector. According to this vector the sex of the animal ruling in this or that year is defined. For example, instead of a year of the Rooster in 12 years year of Chicken will come. The shade of color of year also depends on the yin - yan.

In a year of a female symbol people save forces, concentrate on the end of incomplete affairs. In a year Yang, on the contrary, begin new affairs, move further and above. By the way, value of the yin - yan at Chinese and Japanese essentially differ therefore to call east horoscope Japanese - mistakenly.

Thus, a full cycle of east horoscope - not 12 years, but 60 (12 animals, 5 elements). Besides, the Chinese year differs from ours therefore the people who were born, let us assume, in January can belong to a sign of last year!

Why it turns out so what the people born in one year differ from each other so markedly? The matter is that any unit of time is also compared with a so-called Terrestrial branch (a horoscope sign) and the Heavenly trunk (elements). Business is complicated also by the fact that not the last impact on character of the person is exerted by so-called related communications. No, your ancestors here at anything. Relatives - neighbors of your sign mean. Let`s say you were born in a year of the Sheep (8 - I am the Terrestrial branch). But as you were born between seven and nine o`clock in the morning, your neighbor is the Dragon, so, in your character are reflected line and this symbol.

But to you it is not necessary to rely on horoscopes too. The person the creator of the destiny, so far he believes that everything depends on him! Good luck to you in all years under what he is familiar they were!