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New hairdress - new I?

It is A lot of female problems before which the best psychologists give up, the good hairdresser " easily solves; - favourite introduction of the French hairdressers.

You do not agree with this ironical expression? Then remember: when we have a bad mood within several weeks when own look in a mirror only upsets, after a long illness, a stress or divorce before beginning new life, as usual, since the next Monday Where we go? Of course, not to theater, library or restaurant - we go to a hairdressing salon.

New life - a new hairdress - absolutely new look, stylists and image makers quite so consider. Bad hair are capable to spoil all image while the successful hairdress will help to correct the wrong features and even to take away several years from our passport age.

For example, at a fine hair you will be helped by a volume hairstyle which will create desirable volume, and also painting in light color of separate ringlets. It is better to extend a round face visually magnificent curls in the top part of the head, having left locks on each side, and also having made a short bang. Other option is an asymmetric hairstyle with a fragmentary bang. And what it is necessary to refuse, so it the smooth, combed back laying.

An opposite problem - the extended and narrow person. A straight long hair with a hair parting in the middle will only emphasize it therefore it is better to stop on length to shoulders and to add a little magnificence, for example, to make romantic curls. If the shape of a face at you comes nearer to square more, then it is necessary to make it more womanly and graceful: soft curls, waves long slanted line or fragmentary a bang and allocation of separate ringlets - all this for you.

We mask triangular shape of the person (a narrow chin and a wide forehead) a voluminous hair at the level of ears therefore for you - a hairstyle in style 60 - ykh years. And also tell is not present to short bangs and options of hairdresses when hair are taken away back.

Very short hairstyles do not go to high magnificent ladies (the head will seem too small, and it will bring disharmony in an image) therefore they should stop on volume hairdresses from a long hair. However short hairstyles suit slender beauties who are similar to Natali Portman or the Willock Knightley.

To cut or not to cut? It is possible to determine by a condition of hair also a condition of our organism. For this reason if hair began to drop out that was not observed earlier, you do not hurry to complain of new shampoo, and pay attention to own health. For example, it is quite often observed after the delivery when the organism weak and to it is not enough vitamins and nutrients therefore in that case the hairstyle will be a reasonable exit. Also long thick hair which has considerable weight can become the reason of a constant headache (migraine) so draw conclusions.

Some psychologists even recommend to patients to be cut after stresses: there is a popular thought that on tips of hair negative energy therefore, cut them collects. It is called effect of " placebo; - treatment by power of belief in positive result and that way which is offered. However, anyway, and in most cases it really works!

We really often use similar drugs : we try various colors of paints, we do permanent waves, we increase hair, trying to forget old troubles and to return itself belief in own female beauty. And though the hairdress cannot present us a meeting with love of all our life or arrange for new work, but such polozhitelnay external transformation is capable to allocate us with inspiration for other transformations and to add belief in own forces. The main thing is to find the master who will create a real miracle.