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Why and how to increase the professional responsibility?

Aude aliquid dignum ,

that means in translation into Russian:

Venture something St ό yashchy .

Answers to the matter are quite simple and are ambiguous, but at first we will answer other, not less vital issue: And why needs all this? What gives to the person essential increase of professional responsibility?

Well, the simplest that comes to mind:

1. Rapid growth of self-confidence;

2. Career development quicker, than at others;

3. Increase in the income;

4. Increase not only in eyes administration and other colleagues, but also in own eyes;

5. Smaller losses from nonprofessionally performed work. Notary and doctor, lawyer and journalist... Yes you never know still professions, where literally go on a knife edge .

And protchy Well, generally, it is already clear that the increased professional responsibility - thing not only pleasant and useful, but also profitable.

And now we will pass to and as it to make ? .

1. Constantly reconsider the professional purposes towards increase. Without looking on any obstacles and crises!

2. Voluntarily and consciously undertake implementation of harder and harder projects - it will urge on both self-education, and search of new professional partners. At the same time the key to success is personal initiative which means purposeful change of a situation and the direction of resources for the professional growth. Be not afraid to take lessons from true professionals, it will ennoble you not only in the eyes.

3. Plan. Everything that can be planned, and still slightly - slightly. Especially in what you are strong and that needs to be given on the party. What to develop in itself and what to reject ruthlessly! Create long-term plans, with a possibility of amending, of course!

4. Untwist the personal professional brand. Become the own company.

5. Find what motivates you to do this serious work. If it is several such motivator, choose the strongest.

6. Never dump the failures on someone even if there are indisputable facts. Just you did not provide something, next time will be cleverer!

7. Celebrate each professional success on professional parties - it will also consolidate success, and will not allow to do the similar " projects; tyap - a mistake differently colleagues will laugh at you.

8. This and following item concerns to dealers more, but if to think, it is universal. Expand client base. Look for clients not only in the market niche, but also on a joint of different market niches.

9. Assume the management of own vocational education. By the way, and you learn to think unconventionally, not as all .

10. Gradually you pass from the single " projects; made - earned to regular (monthly, quarterly and other service). Service presently - one of the most reliable sources of the income. Only and the reputation is important here more, than in banal made - earned !

11. Account and control! And it is necessary to count money not only, but also time, nerves and all other resources.

12. Analyze everything that will help you to earn more, spending time and it is less other resources. Remember the rule 20/80: usually 20% of resources (the invested money, efforts, time) yield 80% of results. Including monetary. Do not wait that someone will prompt to you how it is better to do, it never happens!

13. This remark not for all, but only for the businessmen doing business by means of the clearing settlement. Urgently make the second bank account! If the bank has problems, for example, will take away the license, you will not be able just to do business! And the reputation earned by the own sweat and blood (health, sorry!) you will lose forever! Choose banks from different banking groups.

My God, really it is possible to make all this?!