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Matrimonial etiquette. What to do that life did not ruin a family? Part 1


Civilized women`s society for the last century determined stages - boundaries after which the woman ceases to watch herself: the esthetics, speech, behavior. Life leaves a mark? Having considered stages in lives after which women lose attractiveness, it becomes clear that it is possible to call all this life purposes : 1) marriage, 2) birth of children, 3) appearance of grandsons, 4) pension. The vital purposes become reflection on a woman`s face. Why there are such changes?

Life is uninviting, boring, monotonous life. Creation of a cell of society, a family, a reproduction of human - natural stages through which there passes each subject of society under pressure of severe and temperamental life were transformed to the main vital objectives. At domination in life of the listed purposes self-improvement passed into the background. The woman became the uninteresting interlocutor, rather primitive being.

What the spouse that the spouse did not cease to see in her the woman has to watch?

1. not to walk neither in flannelette, nor in a terry dressing gown in a lamb, with clouds and other nurseries drawings;

2. not to carry grandmother`s underwear;

3. not to frighten the spouse cucumber masks;

4. not to sleep in hair curlers;

5. not to forget to wash away cosmetics from eyes before acceptance of a shower;

6. not to shuffle on the house in slippers (buy beautiful sandals without heel or a shoe from fabric on a high platform);

7. to go brushed;

8. not to sleep in a fragmentary night dress;

9. not to carry muzzle brick for all day if your discontent arose in the morning;

10. not to lecture it if he bought not such, for example, sausage in shop as you usually buy or if he not so dressed the child (you will beat off on future any desire to help and participate in family life);

11. not to hurry to lecture it and to make scandal. To think, comprehend a situation. After you will calm down, to talk to it wisely (such way is most effective and does not lead the arguing parties to alienation);

12. not to mention his parents in a bad context and not to compare it neither to parents, nor to other men;

And also 13. to Pull in a stomach, to hold a back exactly, it is beautiful to sit at a table, not to run barefoot on the apartment with not well-groomed nails and heels, not to otklyachivat the back and not to scratch (the remark from to / f Office romance ) to monitor expressions - verbal and persons;

I is the last, 14. not to get up povykhodny, the husband will not wake up yet (to make a breakfast since evening, to teach children to have breakfast, find independently a way out).

What the spouse that the spouse did not cease to see in her the woman has to do?

1. to Self-study;

2. to Self-improve;

3. to be fond of various activity (whether it be carrying out literary soirees in library, sports morning gymnastics on the street for girlfriends - neigbours, participation in exhibitions);


it is constant to b to look for various hobbies for himself (to collect, sew, knit, draw );

5. to be gathered determination (for example, to remember and venture to apply all sexual pranks which were dismissed in sex). Or, for example, once to make a lunch, to collect it in bags and to take out all family to the green space for sincere lunch, it is impossible - to take out a family of the husband;

6. to be reserved: to become the psychologist and to approach permission of all problems, having calmed down;

7. to be womanly: internally and externally (when the last time you went, shaking hips?) .

Remember what all of us (and men too) were taught at school to: if you do not know the answer to a question - find the answer to it! In the encyclopedia, the textbook, on the Internet! There was a scandal with the spouse? And you reflected on what soil it arose? All scandals have regularity: they arise or on a standard problem, or according to the standard scenario. The woman has to as the doctor, to cure this scandal. Resolving problems reasonably, without influence by voice with voices raised, you become wiser also lyubimy as it is surprising. The matrimonial love is ruined not so much by scandals and disputes how many that, as they are allowed . It is easier to correct the spouse if to point to his advantage, but not to a shortcoming. Treating the spouse as though it is better, than actually, we will force it to become better.

Daily the woman has to learn to be and remain a woman. Every day it becomes heavier as on brittle shoulders (for a long time not a weak half of mankind) more and more household cares, children`s problems, new circumstances lean. And she has to solve all this fairly, without forgetting to remain womanly and the woman that life did not ruin a family. Wisdom of the family relations also consists in it.


About a role of men in families, their behavior and influence of it on the family relations in the following article. Cycle of the articles Matrimonial etiquette it is recommended to read together as some behavior of women is inherent in men and vice versa.