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Literary decomposition? No, new game!

... You know, than romantic evening comes to an end by candlelight: already at daybreak two sleepy little bodies at last merge in short, convulsive sexual intercourse .

(From Books of sexual revelations ) .

In mathematics the concept " is; decomposition in a row . Such reception of mathematics will transform difficult expressions to the sum of protozoa. What it is necessary for, I do not remember any more (a sclerosis, forgive). But here if to try to spread out language difficult expressions to components - what from this will turn out? And something very interesting turns out! And if separate words are only concepts or actions, then such bouquet follows from combinations - and did not dream! And that is interesting: if not to ponder, and not really - they are significant (combinations).

We will begin with what more simply.

Example 1: Romantic dinner

Dinner assumes evening food.

Romantic assumes something separated from carnal pleasures

Romantic dinner - this already last with the future: there was an acquaintance, now - its natural continuation as if incorporeal, but with the general meal, and then - night in one bed.

Example 2: Both of us deprived of each other of innocence .

Innocence - lack of experience, as a rule, in affairs especially intimate.

To Deprive of innocence - to pass on experience, as a rule, sexual, to the person, absolutely ignorant of these affairs (action is turned on the third party).

To Lose innocence - experience acquisition, again - sexual with someone`s help.

And from all phrase what follows? It seems to me that listed below too does not convey meaning in all completeness:

1. Purity of two young people is obvious.

2. Their mutual desire to be given each other.

3. Mutual feeling.

4. Understanding of the process.

Only four words - and what saturation!

Example 3: With whom you prezervatirovat yesterday?

To Prezervatirovat - new education. In itself it is interpreted unambiguously - to use means of protection during intimate contact. Most likely, this word (at least, today) - in a lexicon of the people applying for some intelligence. Very much can be that tomorrow it will become standard (instead of - to be protected). By the way, to prezervatirovat - the concept narrower, than to be protected, it as if limits a set of the receptions used for these purposes and technical means, designating, generally rubber products.

Yesterday prezervatirovat? 1. The statement that intimate contact happens by times, and it took place with big degree of probability yesterday. 2. The doubt is that means of protection is used constantly.

You prezervatirovat yesterday? In addition to the reasons stated earlier - personification of a question, namely: treats both parties of intimate contact.

With whom you prezervatirovat yesterday?

Incredibly deep combination:

1. Assumes more or less close acquaintance of the one who asks a question and the one who answers.

2. Most likely the woman asks the woman as for the man this moment can be not really critical. In a context the address you sounds more chemironichno if not frankly derisively.

3. Confidence that at questioned there was an intimate proximity.

4. Confidence that questioned the partner it was unknown in advance (can be, and it is unfamiliar in general).

5. Bears conviction that casual contacts - regularity for questioned and that such contact was not only yesterday.

Literary entertainment: who will give more versions, that also wins. I think that it is not less interesting, than game to the cities or in words when the following player calls the word beginning the last letter of the word from the previous player.

But not only entertainment. There are such offers which sense in all completeness can be understood only with a certain knowledge base.

In a churchlet with the sign Seltorg

Costs the people hardly, but directly.

On a fresco - The one who drove from the temple

Trade lyud - in eyes delight

(A. Makretsky Redneck motive )

Be trained, try to state all thoughts which come to mind when you analyze the maintenance of these lines! I dare to assure, you will not regret the efforts spent for it!