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What bird has the personal holiday? Ubiquitous titmouses of

By the end of fall near housing of the person appear small cheerful birdies - titmouses. Amicable flocks they scurry about between trees in parks and gardens, survey balconies, and sometimes even fly in window leaves, hoping to find something delicious.

Since ancient times on November 12 it is noted Sinichkin put . This day on the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar revere memory of martyrs of the bishop Egeysky Zinoviy and his sister Zinoviya. In the people this day received the name Zinoviy Sinichnik or Sinichkin put . It is considered that these days titmouses get over closer to the person to receive livelihood in cold winter days when their natural forage becomes a little.

In Russia of titmouses welcomed always, knowing that this small bird destroys the enormous number of wreckers. Peasants hoped that the titmouses lured in the winter can and remain for the summer in gardens, having become their reliable defenders from caterpillars. Sinichya family it is having many children in it there are about 15 baby birds. To support noisy offsprings parents literally rummage around all blizlezhayshy trees, diligently collecting caterpillars, bugs, butterflies, larvae, etc. Many titmouses bring baby birds twice during the summer.

The people expressed the attitude towards this birdie in numerous proverbs and sayings: The birdie - a titmouse Is small, and the holiday remembers The Titmouse peeps - veshchit winter, the cold will predict Feed a titmouse in the winter, will remember you in the spring The Titmouse - happiness a bluebird of happiness The Brisk titmouse - to a sparrow the sister Hlopotunye a titmouse - a garden the defender .

Traditionally in Sinichkin put feeding troughs and small pieces of fat to which brisk birdies big hunters were hung out. Usually this day maiden festivities were held, sit-round gathering and evenings as Zinoviy and Zinoviya were considered as patrons of girls were arranged. Emergence this day near the house of the girl of titmouses was perceived as a good omen also therefore birds were tried to be lured.

During the winter period the titmouse is omnivorous, can together with sparrows and to select crumbs, but prefers any sunflower seeds, pieces of fat or meat. Usually titmouses fly small flocks. In parks it is possible to observe how such flock serially visits various feeding troughs, without lingering long on one place, even at feeding troughs in which it is full of sunflower seeds, such restless character.

Titmouses are trustful and friendly. They can even begin to take sunflower seeds directly from a palm of the person. Happens funny when 2 - 3 birdies sit down on thumbs up at once. Pay attention, often flocks happen mixed: 2 - 3 species of titmouses, 1 - 2 nutcracker, and often and a woodpecker prisosezhivatsya.

Titmouses it is easy to accustom to fly through a window leaf, having hung out a feeding trough at first near a window leaf, then having established it in an open window leaf, and then and to the room near a window leaf. It should be taken into account that having flown in a window leaf, titmouses will begin to carry out thorough audit all places where there can be a food. Got used to have dinner in heat, birdies even begin to knock beaks on glass if find a window leaf of closed.

Often titmouses suffer from the trustfulness as it is much easier to catch them, than bullfinches, tap dances or goldfinches who by winter get over closer to housing too. But the bondage of a titmouse is transferred badly, often in blood break to themselves a head, trying to break through through cage rods. Therefore it is better to admire them outdoors.

Near housing most often there is a big titmouse, is more rare - gaichka, blue tits, crested and Moscow forging. In total in our corner of the world it is possible to meet titmouses of 10 - 11 types. At titmouses there are a lot of national names connected with their habits and appearance: misik, salnichka, revolving objects, starchik, kuzk, grasshoppers, bolshak (all this about a big titmouse), grenadyorka (a crested titmouse), opolovnichka (a long-tailed titmouse).

If you want that at you titmouses lodged in a garden in the summer, it is worth hanging out since fall feeding troughs, and also duplyanka in which birds will spend the night in cold weather. Lodges from boards, type of nesting boxes, dislike titmouses. Having got used during the winter to duplyanka, can lodge willingly in them in the summer.

Help titmouses to worry cold winter, and in the summer they will thank you a hundredfold.