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Floristics. How to make an unusual panel with own hands?

you never thought of that how many exists in the world of ways for creative realization of the abilities? And there is a lot of them that hardly everything them can be listed in one article. Not to try to embrace immensity, we will stop in more detail on application of creative approach in decoratively - applied art.

We will look around How many various objects of art skill surround us every day, decorating our everyday life. These are porcelain and glass vases, the ceramic painted plates and plateaus hanging on a wall in kitchen, the lamp shades fitted by silk on which water color miniatures are gracefully written.

You did not have yet a desire to make something fine with own hands? Appeared?! Well, then I suggest right now and to be engaged in this fascinating business. Today I want to suggest our readers to go in for floristics.

Floristics - it a look is decorative - applied art in which natural materials, for example, the dried-up plants, stones, prickles, pods, flowers, a moss, scales of bulbs, poplar down, nut skorlupk, a grapevine, pebbles, cockleshells and many other things are used. From all this artists - florists create the pictures - art panels and decorative compositions: portraits, landscapes, still lifes where instead of paints and a brush use natural materials. These natural means thanks to the invoice and a rich palette of shades give to works unusual originality.

Word floristics comes from a name of the ancient Roman goddess Flora who is the goddess of spring, flowers and youth. As if all its essence consists of the gentle flowers and forest herbs weaved into a trembling bouquet of natural secrets. Each petal, each blade can eloquently express in such picture of thought and feeling of the author the art uniqueness. Using all richness of the natural materials filled with thin grace and perfection in the works, compositions blossom surprising picturesque decisions.

At all times in the world used flowers and plants for decoration of holidays and everyday life. Each plant has and still the symbolical value. For example, the oak symbolizes force, roses - love, a wreath from cereals - etc.

Floristics can call wealth one of types of application. Only this application is not absolutely usual as in it unusual materials are used. Each petal or a leaf turns a picture into game of wonderful images. The maintenance of a panel depends on depth of the imagination of the artist who composes this work. The floristics is the whole world, having plunged into which, it is possible not to notice races of minutes.

Now, we will try to create own hands of a panel from natural materials. At first we will think of a cardboard basis on which we will have the conceived composition. Let it will be a cardboard of not really big format, approximately A4 or A3.

We will make a background. For a background it is better to use a gray sacking from uniform fibers, or one-color fabric, it is better than color tones. Now we will cut out a piece of fabric for a background slightly more, than our cardboard in order that it was possible to turn in the ends of fabric, and, having wrapped them on back, so-called seamy side, to glue. Clay is more preferable to use of PVA . When the basis for our composition is ready, it is possible to begin also the most interesting work. Only it is necessary to prepare for this part of work a thin brush and glue, and also the dried-up branches of plants, figured leaves of forest exotic herbs collected and dried even in the summer and in the fall.

Further previously we have the composition on a sheet of paper, yet without pasting anything. It needs to be made to have an approximate idea of an arrangement of details of composition. As the dried-up plants very fragile, them it is necessary to take fingers very carefully not to break thin stalks and petals of flowers.

Now it is possible to paste accurately components of our future natural picture. For this purpose we grease by means of in advance prepared brush with a thin layer each branch, a leaf or a flower from a reverse side glue, putting to our basis, and we hold with a pure napkin two - three minutes, slightly pressing the pasted detail.

Composition it is possible to arrange as you are prompted by your imagination. It can be the bouquet standing in a vase which can be laid out from small stones or, for example, water-melon sunflower seeds. The sunflower seed or a stone needs to paste everyone separately, smearing with glue a reverse side and pressing to a basis several minutes. When the composition is ready, and glue completely will dry, it will be possible to varnish the vase created by you. But it is necessary to work with a varnish extremely carefully that any its drop did not get on a fabric basis as from - for it spots can appear, and all composition can strongly change the original form.

It is possible to do without vase. The flower composition it is possible to arrange so that visual illusion as if on our natural panel the blossoming bush is represented was created. For this purpose leaves and branches it is necessary to arrange as if they grow from below, for example, from - for a snag or several small flat stones.

It is possible to create unusual bouquets, it is possible to try to compose a sea landscape, it is possible to invent from some types dried a feather grass of birds. And it is possible to use except flowers and plants various seeds, cereals, bean, for example, peas or speckled color haricot, feathers of birds and various natural materials which meet to us continually, especially in the summer.

The imagination of each person is unique and unique. Creative works are similar to the author. They can be difficult and thoughtful, sad and ridiculous, but all of them are unique, as well as each person in this world.

I Wish all good luck and success in creativity, and also new beautiful ideas and their embodiment in life!