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How to guess on Christmas carols? Part 4. Dolls, ashes and sewing needles of

of Guessing with candles it is possible to carry out as individually, and as a part of the cheerful company. Sometimes, to learn correct predictions need to be done everything secretly and silently.

For fortunetelling with things under a bed the girl secretly from all spreads on a tray of two dolls - female and man`s (the boy and the girl), the lock or a key, a purse with money, herbs and sand. The tray hides under a bed, the girl goes to bed to anybody without talking. In the morning, having hardly woken up it it is necessary to put a hand in the hiding place and to concern contents. What will come hand - that and will define destiny.

A doll - the boy - to a wedding. The girl - with a wedding it is necessary to wait a moment. A purse, of course, to money, the lock or a key foretell economic efforts, plants promise health, and sand - a grave.

Fortunetelling on footwear is urged to specify the direction from which to wait for matchmakers. For this purpose from the yard on the street it is necessary to throw a boot, a boot or a shoe. Where will watch an obuvka sock - from there and to wait for matchmakers. If the sock indicates the hostess, then you should not wait, early still.

The next unpretentious and cheerful fortunetelling - To go or sit . Persons interested to learn whether it is fated to marry should knock at night in a casual window and to ask: To go or sit? The Answer depends entirely on mood of inhabitants of the house. To go - means to go to the altar, to sit - to sit down for a long time at maids. Popular now answer: Yes you went it is possible to consider as a positive omen.

Prosperity of the groom will be authentically predicted by ashes. For fortunetelling it should be disseminated through ashes on a footpath, sentencing: The promised is rich, step a boot, the promised poor, step a bast shoe . It is necessary only to consider traces every other day and to draw the corresponding conclusions. Also do not tell anybody about the fortunetelling. Otherwise you will surely see traces of bast shoes in the morning in spite of the fact that long ago nobody carries them.

Ashes are necessary also for fortunetelling with hair . For guessing it is necessary to throw into a bowl of water on a pinch of ashes, sugar and salt. Everything is diligent to stir and throw on a surface two hair - the and the potential groom.

If by the morning they are weaved among themselves - to be to a fast wedding. If remain on a surface one from another at a distance - separation is close. The drowned hair will warn about an illness.

The saucer with water is required also for fortunetelling with needles . Needles has to be exactly 21, and only those which did not sew yet will approach. They keep within on a dish and are filled in with water. The stream of water mixes needles, the turned-out picture - a reason for reflections. Crosses - ill-wishers and hostile forces which it is necessary to face soon.

A needle with a silk thread in an ear together with a silver coin - one more option of fortunetelling capable to give the simple answer to any question. For guessing of a syadtez a table also put before yourself a coin. Having rested elbows against a table surface, take fingers a thread tip that the needle was shaken over a coin as a pendulum.

Send an edge to the center of a coin and mentally ask a question. If pendulum remains without the movement - the magic cannot help yet. Fluctuations in the longitudinal direction mean an affirmative answer. In cross - negative. Roundabouts say that the question is not clear, and it should be specified.

Fortunetelling - ancient pagan Slavic tradition. Predictions are how right? I do not know. If to whom it is interesting - try.