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The family is only the apartment and the people living in it or something bigger?

the Family - probably, are one of the most important words in life of each person. Since the childhood she takes the main place in the child`s life. Then it grows up, but the family still has for it huge value.

What such important in this word? Why in general the family is necessary? I now will also tell you about it.

For me the family was always associated with the apartment and four people living in it. Nothing came to my mind any more, always perceived a family as due that everyone has. But, as it appeared later, not everyone has a family And if has, then not always realizes for what to it a family. It is good if the case which lets know for what the family is necessary is provided, and happens that people destroy the families behind misunderstanding of this important word.

... As well as all school students, I looked forward to the termination of academic year somewhat quicker to be away on vacation with the grandmother and the grandfather. At last, there came the long-awaited summer, and I went to have a rest. The summer, the sun, good weather and excellent mood nearby loving me the grandmother and the grandfather - everything that is necessary for entire happiness. But, strangely enough, it is unexpected for itself, in me some strange feeling of loneliness woke up, suddenly sharply it seemed to me that something not and that something is missing. Suddenly for some reason pulled me back, to itself home. No, not home literally this word, and in that small my homeland which is called the FAMILY.

Days began to seem to me very long, time was played long, and home there was a wish awfully. It seems also only one and a half weeks did not seem, and so there was a wish to feel in the family, in a circle of close and favourite people again. I do not argue that I and was so surrounded by close people, but the grandmother and the grandfather cannot replace mother and the father.

The melancholy for the small homeland absolutely overcame me, and I looked forward to return home. When there is nearby no mother who usually always gently priobnimt and will kiss on a forehead, will come before going to bed, will surely correct a blanket and will wish good night, when there is no the father who potrepat for a cheek a little, and after will strong squeeze in the strong hands, life seems wrong and not such, and all not and all not that any more, and begin to feel alone.

Arrival home took place how many feelings and emotions it caused! At last I appeared in the home, with mother, the father and the brother, with the favourite dog again, all together - as it is healthy! Never I will forget that warm, cozy, house, and, above all, domestic surroundings, after arrival I understood that the family is not the apartment and four person living in it, and heart of society and the child`s homeland. The family is the only support, protection and a support of the person on all his life.

And I very much sympathize with those children who live without one of the parents, and even without both in general. They had to worry much and early to mature that though somehow to keep afloat and not to drown in that rough river of life which was provided to them by destiny. And I live with the parents and still though I am nearly sixteen years old, I feel like the small five-year-old child necessary and favourite in the family. And I am very grateful to the family, it gave me such chance.