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Where now there lives Chizhyk-Pyzhik?

Fontanka - the small river which flows through the central part of St. Petersburg. When the city began to be built only, it had even no name. In the people it was called just Anonymous erik . Eric is a word of a tyursky origin which was used at designation of the small, narrow channel falling into the river or coming from it. And Fontanka just originates in Neva at the Summer garden and falls into Big Neva about the Gutuyevsky island.

The name at the Anonymous erik appeared approximately in 1712 - 1714 years. At this time in the Summer garden fountains to which through the pool located near Nekrasov Street from an erik on numerous pipes water arrived were built. Gradually the river began to call Gushing , and if at the beginning it was the national name, then over time it began to appear also in official documents. And eventually the name was transformed to shorter and the river turned into Fontanka .

Long time Fontanka was Hugo - the western border of St. Petersburg. However in the 18th century on its coast the first construction - the Summer Palace of Peter the Great appeared . Soon along Fontanka many notable and wealthy citizens began to build the estates and palaces. Everyone tried that its mansion was the most beautiful and refined therefore they invited for participation in construction of the best architects of that time: Kvarneg, Voronikhin, Rossi, Melnikov, Stasov, Lidval, Chevakinsky and many others. Now along embankments of Fontanka it is possible to see a set of the fine monuments of architecture known for the beauty around the world.

In 1780 - 1789 when the embankment gained popularity among the St. Petersburg nobility, on the project of the architect Kvasov, it was equipped with the convenient descents and entrances to the river made of majestic and strict granite.

Length of Fontanka makes near of 6,7 kilometers , width fluctuates from 30 to 75 meters . The most deep water - 3 meters .

Through Fontanka it is thrown whole of 14 bridges : Laundry, Egyptian, Panteleymonovsky, Semenovsky, Belinsky, English, Anichkov, Lomonosov, Leshtukov, Gorstkin, Obukhovsk, Izmaylovsky, It is old - Kalinkin and Gallery. Fontanka attracts

of Tourists not only refined architecture, and and the smallest monument in the world - to legendary to Chizhyk-Pyzhik . This monument is established on Fontanka not incidentally, on the river embankment there is an Imperial school of jurisprudence (founded in 1835) which pupils got the nickname siskins - pyzhik . All the matter is that they wore uniforms is yellow - green color, and in the winter also pyzhikovy caps.

Chizhyk-Pyzhik - one of the most popular monuments in St. Petersburg . There is a belief that if on a pedestal to throw a coin and to make a wish, then it will surely be executed. Height of a bronze monument only of 11 centimeters it is also created by the Georgian sculptor Rezo Gabriadze. Very often the monument is stolen, and with the different purposes - someone to hand over on non-ferrous scrap, someone - themselves for memory. Almost every time a monument managed to be returned, however often searches dragged on for quite long term. In fight against thieves the city authorities even suggested to replace a bronze skulpturka granite or wooden, however architects considered that in such look Chizhyk-Pyzhik will lose the elegance. In 2002 Chizhyk-Pyzhik was kidnapped irrevocably, and the sculpture had to be cast anew then behind a monument continuous video surveillance was established.

Fontanka Embankment - one of symbols of the present of St. Petersburg. This beautiful place for walks. Ancient mansions with refined architecture, stone pavements, granite descents to water and even little Chizhyk-Pyzhik create the special atmosphere of this unusual city.