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How to arrive if hair drop out?

our hair - one of the main jewelry given us by the nature. But what to do if with everyone lived in the afternoon more and more difficultly it is possible to keep this treasure? Here a lock on a pillow, here on a brush, on a towel after drying Only it is not necessary to panic! Anything can be the cause for more intensive loss of hair:

1) a stress - it leads to an early gray hair, wrinkles and the general feeling sick, so, and to deterioration in a condition of hair. The good psychologist, more moderate rhythm of life, relaxing baths, phytoteas, vitamins yes just inactive, quiet rest and positive emotions - here that it is necessary for you.

2) hormonal problems - especially often such cases happen at women in time and after pregnancy or in connection with refusal of acceptance of any hormonal preparations. Originally some of them promote density of hair, but at refusal of them, for example, if you took a contraceptive pill, but decided to bring the child and stopped reception, they cause huge damage to beauty of hair and will be to be restored in that case not so - that easy. In a similar situation it is necessary to see a doctor who will write out to you the suitable preparation in a counterbalance .

3) an adverse ecological situation - try to use for washing of hair at least the settled water, and ideally boiled. Wash out hair shampoo twice. For the first time it washes away dirt, in the second shampoo begins to work in the medical purposes. Wash hair when they demand that. Clean hair much stronger also do not climb so intensively. It is undesirable to test hair for durability, walking on a bare-headed frost. Indoors it is better to take off a cap - let skin breathe.

4) improper feeding - eat more vegetables and the fruit containing vitamins A and E accept the special preparations promoting improvement of a condition of hair and nails. In drugstores their such quantity is offered at choice that it is possible to orient unless at the price. Recommend to drink beer yeast which is on sale in the same place, in drugstores in such cases. The dosage is specified in inserts.

Except the called reasons there are a lot more different circumstances which cannot be provided and defined them only the qualified trichologist can. If it is difficult to find that, then at the dermatologist or the endocrinologist. For the final diagnosis it is necessary to make several tests which will allow the doctor to establish the reason that not so with your hair. This quite expensive pleasure, but it is worth it, otherwise it is possible to buy by packs vitamins, to make or to get means for strengthening of hair, but it will not solve a problem. Or can even do much harm if the reason is covered in something another. For example, often advise for strengthening of hair to rub the warmed-up burdock or krapivny oil in head skin. For those at whom fat dandruff, is death it is similar. Quite often dandruff can serve as an obstacle for emergence of new hair in the place dropped out. In that case it is necessary to struggle with dandruff first of all.

Besides, the poredeniye of hair can be caused by some internal disease and therefore it is necessary to cope besides at first with it, and then to be engaged in restoration of indumentum.

A couple of words about a hair transplant. Procedure this very expensive, it is done even not in all large cities. But it is still half-troubles. Nobody will give you a guarantee that all replaced hair will get accustomed. It as in a case with planting of trees - something will get accustomed, something is not present. But also even at best the speech goes only about redistribution of indumentum here, the patient acts as the donor.

It is necessary to mention in this regard means which captivated now all drugstores, accepting which it is, allegedly, possible to achieve a down even on a bald head with - a tsatiletny experience. Yes, the down appears, but if not to rub the mentioned means (which costs expensive by no means) at least month or two, hair will return to an initial state. About it producers of similar drugs quite often modestly hold back. Think whether you will be able to buy such means constantly.

And in conclusion there is a wish to tell that a hair loss - the problem requiring especially individual solutions. In the sea of various articles devoted to this question it is difficult to choose a technique which suits you, they contain only the general councils and recommendations. But all these articles meet in one: do not waste precious time, to prevent further loss much more simply, than to force fallen asleep hair follicle to wake up . The earlier you will be engaged in search of the decision suitable you, the better.