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How to guess on Christmas carols? Part 3. Candles and food of

the Tree - a basis of life of our ancestors. In long winter evenings the wooden splinter helped to pass away time, to make necessary homework or to have fun. Candles were expensive, and protected them for exceptional cases. Such action as fortunetelling, did not do without candles.

For fortunetelling with candles the melted wax drip on water, observing what at the same time are formed figures. A kind of guessing - when several candle ends gather, melt them in one ware and splash out wax in cold water.

Wax pictures predict future. The house - new economy shortly that for maidens is equivalent to a marriage. Unambiguously interpret a marriage rings and candles. Shapeless ruins - some misfortune. Even worse - a cave or a hole, they to a serious illness or even death. The branches of trees lifted up - pleasure, hung - melancholy and grief.

It is possible not to drip wax in water. Similar figures can be considered if to tell fortunes on a shadow . That to receive it, it is necessary to crumple a sheet of paper or the newspaper (but not in a round sphere) and to set fire on a plate. The remained ashes will also be a shadow source on a wall if behind it to establish the lit candle.

Most true fortunetelling - with candles and mirrors . For guessing it is required dirty place, for example, bath. Guessing is strict individually, nobody the stranger has to be present. The table on two devices is laid. At one the girl takes seat, at the second the mirror is put. Between the girl and a mirror, on its edges, two candles.

Guessing, having said: The Promised, masked, come to have supper to me has to peer at reflection attentively. At midnight she will be able to make out future husband who is looking out at it from there - for a shoulder.

Other option of fortunetelling will require two mirrors located one opposite to another that the girl, sowing between them, saw the long lit gallery. At the end of it future spouse will also appear.

A bath - attribute of one more way of guessing, simpler, than a candle and a mirror. For fortunetelling with a bathing window needs to approach only it and to push a hand in the room. If something firm came to hand is to poverty if soft - to wealth.

Food will help to glance in the future. For fortunetelling with egg in a glass of water pour out egg white and put in the furnace or an oven that protein turned. If the formed figure reminds a church dome or a ring - it is necessary to prepare for a wedding. The ship - after a marriage it is necessary to move to other district. The rectangle or a square foretell a serious illness, the pancake which fell by a bottom - series of adversities or prolonged girlhood.

For fortunetelling with a bulb it is cut on 12 equal parts, on number of months in a year. Segments fill up with salt and leave for the night. On that, blotted salt or remained dry, judge an atmospheric precipitation in this or that month.

Bread - to all the head. To learn a name of the promised , it is necessary with bread or pie in a hand (as option - with pancake on the head) to stop the first comer and to ask his name.

About other fortune-telling - in the following article.