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How to guess on Christmas carols? Part 2. The tree of

Not only animals and birds will help with kolyadny fortune-telling. At desire practically any household item can be used. The beautiful place for fortunetelling - a bath or a shed. There easily it was possible to come across a log. Here about it and the speech.

Fortunetelling with a log. the Indispensable condition - darkness in a shed that nothing could be spotted. It is necessary to find a woodpile of firewood in outer darkness and to grab first poleshko. Now it is possible to come to light, for example, in a log hut to consider production .

The equal log with smooth and thin bark promises the husband - the handsome. The big log - the husband will be the athlete. If bark is peeled or in general is absent - in the spouses the poor will get. Cracks predict the old man or the man with physical defects.

In city conditions the square or park can replace a woodpile of firewood. Tie with a scarf eyes as for game in a cat and mouse and move off in searches. As the indicator the first tree which you will come across will act. Signs are same, as in option with a log.

Firewood can tell not only about what will be the husband, but also to specify wedding time. For this purpose it is necessary to choose not one log, and to take the whole armful. If the quantity of firewood is even - the wedding will be in the coming year if odd - it is necessary to live this year without half .

On the street it is possible between times to tell fortunes with a wooden fence . The principle is similar to guessing on a camomile - loves - does not love . Having grasped for a shtaketnik, count all boards or pegs to the next corner, sentencing: The Stake - rings, the widower, the good fellow . If the last board is necessary on a stake - rings - guessing did not work well. Widower or good fellow - here everything is clear: what will drop out, such husband also will get.

Fortunetelling " is connected with a tree also by ; Well and " bridge; . For it pulled out several twigs from a broom, built of them the bridge and till the morning stacked under a pillow with words: Who my promised who my masked, that will translate me through the bridge .

A kind of guessing - built a well, sentencing: The Promised, masked, come to get drunk waters . Future husband after such invitations well was simply obliged to come in dream in a dream. In modern conditions for constructions it is not necessary to use tubes and hoses from the vacuum cleaner which replaced a traditional broom in many families. It is better to manage matches.

A nutshell - almost a tree. It can be used too. Fortunetelling on a nutshell can be individual or collective. It requires a basin with water, a nutshell and ogarochek candles. At individual guessing on a side of a basin pieces of paper on which the interesting events are written are displayed. For example, the wedding, a trip etc. of

At collective fortunetelling guess on one event about which they will agree in advance, and on pieces of paper write names of participants. The nut half with the lit candle is let out on the middle of a basin, and wait to what to the coast will stick vessel . But it is not enough. The event will take place only if the piece of paper lights up from a candle flame.

The candle is used also in other types of fortune-telling. About them - further.