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How to guess on Christmas carols? Part 1. Pets of

the Interesting thing - traditions. Here one thousand years passed from the Christianization of Kievan Rus`, and pagan Christmas carols are still celebrated. Holiday roots are forgotten, its date changed. And all the same, even Christmas not a hindrance. Two holidays at once? Well, double fun means - and put everything. Moreover, in consciousness of the inhabitant both holidays merged in one and very few people remember that Christmas and Christmas carols - not same.

But the speech not about Christmas carols, per se, and about the known tradition to guess on them, trying to glance in the future. Our ancestors, especially the youth, the future events concerned not less us. At Kolyadny night many girls tried to learn what will be narrowed and whether it will happen to celebrate a wedding in speed.

About fortune-telling all knew, but process had to take place is reserved, indoors without icons. The rural bath or a shed best of all conformed to these requirements.

If any of contemporaries decides to push luck, in the city apartment the most suitable place - a bathroom. How to guess? Now I will tell. Citizens can use not all ways, but some will quite fit. Let`s begin with house living creatures.

Fortunetelling with a rooster. Participants of guessing gather in one room and are recalculated, everyone remembers the number, it is important. One of girls scatters grains on a floor, at midnight let out a rooster.

If the bird will peck all entertainment - means that which filled grains will marry. If the part scattered a rooster leaves, then that whose number coincides with amount of the remained grains will go to the altar. And if table to a rooster not to taste and he will refuse to peck, so weddings this year will not be, participants of guessing should face small disorders.

One more option of cock fortunetelling is directed to individual predictions. Together with grain the clay piece is put on a floor board, the saucer with water and a mirror is put. The choice of a rooster defines destiny of a marriage.

The rooster will begin to peck grain - to be to the maid for the rich husband. Will drink waters - there will be a hubby a drunkard, will glance in a mirror - means, the destiny will reduce with the idler. The worst option - clay, it foretells troubles and troubles.

In such important issue as who in the house the owner to one rooster not to cope, it is necessary female help. Fortunetelling with a rooster and chicken consists in the following. On the place of guessing of birds it is necessary to feed nourishingly, and then to wait who the first will give a vote: if the rooster - the leader is a husband if chicken - the wife. Guessing demands patience, full birdies are not located to talk .

As predictors not only birds, but also animals can act. For fortunetelling with a cat will need several pieces (on number guessing) a sausage or fat. Girls spread an entertainment, and the cat chooses what to begin a meal with. The hostess of the chosen piece will marry the first.

The specialist in abilities of future husband - a cow . It is necessary to come into a shed at dark night and to give a hand in a stall. If the hand touched the head of a cow - to be to the husband brainy if backs - the robust fellow and the healthy fellow gets and if any place near a tail - means, hands at future spouse will grow not from the correct place at all.

Similar services dogs render. The knife is necessary for fortunetelling on bark of dogs . It is necessary to cut nobody. Just leave at the night the house, holding a knife in hand, and listen. You will hear spiteful abrupt bark - the husband will be strict and gloomy, modulating and cheerful - and the husband will be cheerful nature. Dog howl - the bad sign warning about a short marriage and fast widowhood. The direction from which bark is heard will specify from where to wait for matchmakers.

In old times used to know also other ways of fortune-telling. About them - a bit later.