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What the Scandinavian auction in a RuNet is interesting by?

What is the Scandinavian auction? As Wikipedia says, there is rather big number of auction systems:

the English auction - the most widespread type of auction which provides that buyers offer step by step increasing price for goods will not remain one auctioneer yet - the winner. Also it is called upward auction.

Blind auction - auction in which auctioneers have to submit to a certain term the proposals sealed in envelopes.

Exchange auction - auction in which the goods are on sale at the exchange.

Bill auction - auction in which treasury bills are on sale.

Deposit auction - online auction in which commercial banks bargain for lots (deposits of legal entities) by increase of the offered interest rate.

Mortgage auction - auction which is applied in cases when sale happens forcibly, generally - at sale of the property which is pledge of the outstanding credit.

and many others

We will consider one of the most interesting, in my opinion, the Scandinavian system of auction. What does it mean and as it works?

the Scandinavian auction - auction at which the goods are offered for sale at low price (theoretically even about zero) the price increases with in advance recorded step, and an opportunity to rely is given for payment. Payment for a possibility of a rate has to exceed the fixed price step.

In Russian parts of the Internet this phenomenon already appeared on the website e - freeshop. ru. I got there not incidentally, before I played on all known e - bay, was a participant of the Russian molotok auction I cannot tell that I remained not happy this participation, but before there was no Scandinavian auction. And so, registration on the website did not take a lot of time, purchase of rates is completely automated since all this becomes through the Webmoney system - I spent for all this no more than 10 minutes. It is possible to start participation in the auction.

Lots are exposed exclusively new, at this auction generally it is cell phones, communicators, game consoles, laptops, gift cards from the known boutiques, microwave ovens, TVs etc. of goods which will be superfluous - there are not present :) The prices of these goods, on which they leave seem to the buyer just not real, you judge:

the Photoprinter of Canon Selphy CP750 was sold at the price 436. 00 rub (instead of the market value of 5200 rub)

of ZhK - the Philips 19PFL4322 TV - 740. 25 rub (the store price is 13000 rub)

the Acer V223Wb 22 LCD monitor business - a class - 456. 00 rub (the store price of 7200 rub) the Asus Eee PC 701 Laptop found

the owner for - 529. 00 rub (instead of 11200 rub)

I of course all a favourite gadget the iPhone 3G 16Gb Smartphone , an immortal masterpiece from Apple - 1,884. 25 rub!

The list could be continued, but it is possible to look at it and since it constantly grows. The first question which arises - why it is so cheap! We are not surprised any more that in a network all try to throw and vsyak, but not so - is frank?! The price at which sell goods less market for 70%, and that 90%!

After studying of work of the Scandinavian system of auction, becomes clear that there is no cheating. Doing 1 rate on increases of goods, the player spends the sum more than 3 - x rubles., the goods raise for the sum - 25 kopeks. Thus the cost of goods grows extremely not considerably. As a result the winner of auction which does the last rate receives goods on final ridiculous to the price. Naturally, it is possible to play long and not to be the last, but it is possible to make also one rate - and it will be the last, well and naturally auction does not come off the loser.

would be silly to think that goods are just like that distributed. But the fact remains, for today having spent 6324. The 00th ruble I got Sony PlayStation 3 and a flash card of Kingston DataTraveler DT101N - 4GB. And I bought a flash card for 290. 25 rubles, and PlayStation for 892,50 rubles of :)

Are not present a guarantee that to you will carry so - possibly it is less, but is possible more. Besides, my opinion that from all earlier me the passable auctions - this the most interesting and fascinating.

Successful to you purchases.