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What gifts are loved by Capricorns?

the Capricorn (on December 22 - on January 20) - the most rational and conservative sign. Elements of this sign - Earth. Practicality, confidence, exclusive diligence and tremendous working capacity. The goat always precisely knows what he wants from this life. It does not build castles in the air. He creates the paradise here and now. Usually it is the wealthy people who achieved everything the work. Very ambitious. This factor also leads them to social and material rise.

The goat will not open to you soul, to expatiate on personal records. It is a monument of persistence, persistence and endurance. Reliability and patience. The goat surely costs on the earth, to him everyday storms are not terrible.

To choose a gift for the Capricorn - a difficult task. He will never ask you about a concrete gift. Never will tell aloud that it is necessary for it. But also will accept impractical gifts with the same gratitude, as well as all others.

Goats are very talented people. Often they have a hobby. Attentively look narrowly - and at once you will understand, than your Capricorn likes to be engaged. Present it something for hobby. Whether it be a new tool kit or spokes for knitters. The first question which will be asked by your Capricorn to himself: Whether it Is necessary for me? As far as it is practical? Therefore your gift has to be durable.

Goats are beautiful family men. A family for them on the first place. These are, perhaps, the most careful and devoted spouses. In their families there will be no unbridled passions and ardent recognitions. But their family - a stronghold of reliability and responsibility. Therefore any qualitative thing for homeliness will please them.

Goats persistently climb a career ladder. It is too much forces and time they give to the work. About rest time forgetting at all. Therefore exotic massage in prestigious salon or evening of SPA - procedures will be a fine gift for your Capricorn. They will not afford it. But with pleasure will be given in a skillful charge of the professional of a relax.

Goats are vain. Present them beautifully executed personal diploma or a piece of the Moon with their name. A nominal stone or the place on the avenue of stars. If you make an engraving of the monogram of your birthday man, any gift with it for a long time will remain in soul at the Capricorn.

Bouquets and impractical gifts - not for the Capricorn. They will accept them, but will remain indifferent. If you give flowers, then they have to be sustained in style of your gift. A basket or a bouquet - strict, not elaborate. They do not love it.

Goats were born in the winter and as any winter sign, merzlyak. Present them something warm and soft. Over time you will see that the Capricorn with might and main uses your gift. Only then you will understand that it pleased them. To you not to make out any other emotions at the time of delivery.

For a true Capricorn it is very important to build the house. And if in this offer the main word for Cancer - house for the Capricorn such word will become to construct . Most to put it on a brick. In literal and figurative sense. That is representatives of this zodiac sign are attracted by process - from simple to difficult. In any business. Present to the Capricorn a cup from gagate - a stone - a mascot. This stone promotes disclosure of patrimonial secrets and comprehension of wisdom of generations.

Goats love and appreciate a word-play. It is possible to present it a witty pun, but within decent. They do not suffer a kitsch and bad taste. They avoid manifestation of external feelings though can be very sincere in the attachments. If you are able to win their arrangement and friendship, then this communication will last all your life. A favourite proverb of Capricorns - One does not swap horses while crossing the ford .

They are very provident, careful and vigilant. Any undertaking is surely repeatedly counted and considered. Therefore are sometimes sluggish.

Once all these features considers Capricorns at the choice of a gift by it. Put all heart and soul in this hard business, remember all habits and attachments of your Capricorn, and it by all means will like your gift. The main thing that it was the thing necessary to it!

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