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What business on the Internet is? Commerce and a services sector of

to Work thus especially favourably to that who has a high-speed unlimited Internet. Spending only two - three hours a day, it is possible to earn prior to several ten dollars one month. But at the same time it is regularly necessary to work, without passing day, passing tens, hundreds of references. Occupation quite boring and monotonous. But sponsors very much are even suitable for earnings of the starting capital. And, besides, among those websites which you should look through pages can meet quite interesting offers.

Rendering various services and commerce belong to more profitable types the Internet - earnings and business. Here your income can already make not tens, but hundreds of dollars. Here everything depends on your diligence and on time which you are ready to give to business. And, of course, not the last role is played by your knowledge. Without knowledge - anywhere...

It is possible to carry a lot of things to rendering services. For example, writing of content for the websites or articles for newspapers and magazines, typing, transfer and editing the text, creation of the websites and their optimization, writing of programs and so on. This list can be continued indefinitely. Everyone will be able to find in this sphere of activity for itself(himself) something interesting, suitable for it and to take such profit what he will be able to take from this occupation. There are no framework and restrictions. Everything depends only on you.

However here not everything is as simple as can seem at first sight. To begin to earn good money, one desire, even supported with a certain ability, a little. It is necessary to achieve still that began to order your service that trusted you. And it is not so simple to make it. You should face the huge competition and to make the mass of efforts not to remain on a roadside. But, as the national saying says, without effort you will not catch also a small fish from a pond.

After you are defined, than you will be engaged what services to render, you need to declare youself. For a start it can be made on one of the numerous websites of distant work, freelance. You need to be registered there and to find the application for performance of a certain task suitable for you. It is better to be registered at once on several websites and tasks can be carried out in unlimited number. But at the same time you should not forget also about quality. On the majority of such websites there is a system of an assessment where both the customer, and the performer can leave about each other comments. The more at you will be positive responses, the more willingly will accept your offers on performance of objectives. You will also be able to place the announcement with the offer of the services, having specified at the same time and concrete quotations.

It is possible to go also on other way: at first to perform a certain task, and already then to look for on it the customer. It applicable, for example, to writing articles or content for the website. Everything that to you it is necessary, it to be registered at any exchange of content, to write material on a certain subject and to offer it for sale. It is possible to write about anything: about business, about music, about animals, about policy etc. It is possible to look at the prices of similar materials at the same exchange. On average one article can bring up to ten dollars. It is possible to write and offer for sale unlimited number of articles of various subjects. Over time, when you will gather a certain quantity of positive responses, at you can appear and constant customers and the prices you will be able to put higher.

But there is also one quite essential minus on sale of articles through the exchange of content: after material sale all copyright of it passes from you to the buyer. He has the right to sign article with the name, to place it both on the Internet, and in paper editions, to make any changes to it. You undertake not to publish more anywhere neither article entirely, nor its separate fragments.

If similar conditions for you are unacceptable, and you would like to reserve copyright, then you should be engaged in search of the magazines and newspapers concordant to publish your materials on the pages. At the publication in newspapers and magazines your copyright completely remains and the fee can significantly exceed that sum which you receive for sale of similar material at the exchange of content. The only minus - restriction in respect of amount of materials in a month from one author. However to you nobody prevents to cooperate with several magazines and newspapers at once, covering in them the topics close to you.

It is also possible to work with the text and in other directions - for example, to translate the materials sent you by the customer from one language on another or to be engaged in typing, written down on some audiocarrier. Such tasks can also be found on the websites of distant work, freelance, or on the websites of separate editions, the organizations. You should not make any advance payments only! Often to you can suggest to pay sending to you a disk with audio recordings or the text for the translation and a set, reasoning it with the fact that, say, many dishonourable workers, having received a disk, refuse work, causing thereby damage to the employer. As a rule, swindlers and as soon as you to them transfer the required amount use similar tricks, right there will forget about you.

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