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Couple of words about Jaws, or As talks Windows? Part 2

the Structure of JAWS allows to add any scripts facilitating work of blind persons with this or that appendix to this program. Blind and visually impaired users, as a rule, independently write these scripts. The JAWS developers specially provided this opportunity, there are textbooks thanks to which at desire to write scripts any user can learn. There is nothing difficult, it is necessary to remember only a quantity of the main tags and correctly to learn to apply them. Process of writing of scripts for JAWSa is very similar to writing of a page of the website in HTML format, only there are a little more tags and parameters to them.

Scripts allow not only to automate this or that process, for example extraction of the file of archive pressing of one combination of keys, but also force JAWS to sound those elements of programs which were not sounded earlier by it. For example, to read the name of the folder during the work with Total Commander, it is necessary to switch to so-called JAWS - the cursor called by a " key combination; minus on the digital block and Insert. After that it is necessary to press one more combination of keys consisting from plus on the digital block and the same Insert to return to the usual mode. If during the work with any program it is necessary to switch constantly, then it is quite inconvenient. Besides, being in the JAWS mode - the cursor, JAWS begins to read a lot of superfluous - time, day of week and so on that it partly prevents users to work normally. The scripts written for concrete appendices often allow to solve similar problems. In the same Total Commander along with scripts of JAWS reads the name and the size of folders and files without switching on JAWS - the cursor. To learn necessary information, it is only enough to walk according to the list the ordinary cursor.

When switching on JAWS - the cursor a synthesizer, fastened to JAWS, begins to sound all those elements which do not get to an area of coverage of the ordinary cursor. Blind persons exercise the main control of the computer by means of the keyboard, using at the same time arrow keys, tabulation, a gap, Enter and other keys. In some programs where management is possible only with application of a mouse, it is necessary to resort to keys of the keyboard, duplicating mouse keys. For this purpose it is also necessary to switch to JAWS - the cursor.

Unlike VIRGO second for popularity of the program which is also allowing blind persons and visually impaired PC users to work with the operating system Windows, JAWS for management of processes uses the same teams, as itself Windows. For example, to come into the menu, the F10 or Alt keys are used to copy this or that file, the Ctrl+C keys and so on. VIRGO for all these purposes uses keys of the small block of the keyboard that forces its users to study separately mechanisms of management of processes by means of this program. Besides early VIRGO versions after installation of the program on the computer switched-off the video card that did not allow to work at the same computer and to able to see users.

The JAWS installation does not force down any settings, without influencing use of the personal computer by able to see users. By default the program is started together with Windows, but this option can and be disconnected. In order that the blind or visually impaired PC user could start independently JAWS, it is enough create only for it a label on a desktop and to appoint in exchange to it the hot keys. Besides it is recommended to clean JAWS from process of automatic loading also to accelerate process of loading and to minimize braking during the first minutes of work of system when there is a scanning of the winchester the established antiviruses.

Today JAWS is the best program allowing blind persons and visually impaired PC users to work in Windows. Though it is not deprived of the shortcomings, a lot of things still could be corrected and improved in it. One of the main shortcomings is, perhaps, inability of JAWS to distinguish the letters and figures represented on graphic elements. It is extremely difficult to eliminate it, of course, but also at the same time it is necessary. Today popularity of the books made in graphic formats which are not possible for reading by means of JAWSa increases. It is necessary to convert them into other, more available formats on what a lot of time leaves.

Big inconvenience is represented by protective codes on the websites demanding registration. Also cannot sound these letters and figures represented on pictures, JAWS. Thus protection against automatic registration is direct violation of the rights of blind PC users in respect of access, free from their party, to information. But, unfortunately, not all administrators of the websites wish to listen to blind persons, meeting requirements thereby of them. And there is an alternative to nowadays widespread graphic protection, and even not one.

Completions demand also synthesizers which though try to imitate the correct human speech, but nevertheless have vital issues with a pronunciation of some words, with arrangement of accents and intonation. Though, of course, it is very difficult to force the program to correctly place accents in those words in which, depending on contents of the offer and meaning of the text, the accent can be in different places. It is easy for person to make it, but hardly perhaps to the car.

But, nevertheless, JAWS allows blind and visually impaired PC users to make all main operations, and it, perhaps, the most important. All the rest is already trifles which, it is necessary to hope, over time will be solved and eliminated. The main thing is already made - the personal computer is available to blind persons!