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Numerology and Internet. What advantage? Any has not enough

- malsk to the competent Internet user expression on the Internet everything is number will not seem strange. Figures are a basis of everything that is on the Internet: texts, pictures, audio - and a video information But it should be added to such representation offices, computers, communication lines and people as evidence of words of Pythagoras everything is number vanishes. It is already considered mysticism.

It is possible to belong differently to the Internet. Someone considers it as an entertainment, someone kladezyyu knowledge, someone uses the Internet for entertainments, someone for serious researches. Both those, and others tens of millions

A here those who seriously treat Pythagoras`s words in hundred thousand times less. At the same time tens of millions of people in the world with pleasure have a good time with figures which designate anything: date of birth or events, phone numbers or cars, etc. This hobby is called numerology. In any catalog of the websites the numerology can be found in the section Entertainments . Very seldom references to such websites post in such sections as Magic or Unknown . That, generally, for the ordinary inhabitant one and too. Why? - you did not ask such question, dear Internet users?

Why people belong to the theorem of a hypotenuse and legs seriously, and to Pythagoras`s doctrine about numbers which he considered the greatest achievement - no.

The author loudly would laugh still a year ago at the one who would tell him that he will be seriously go in for numerology. In this sense, my history of acquaintance to numerology is interesting.

Soon ten years as the author investigates education problems, in particular training of businessmen. I was always surprised by any senselessness of tasks of type control, course and theses. You remember how at Raikin, was about the ballerina and a dynamo: Here if to connect a dynamo to the ballerina, then do not find fault to yourself turns . I always grudged that energy which pupils, students and graduate students spend for works which then nobody even reads.

I think that none of readers will be surprised to such case. My son found in the Internet for the companion course on stories. The companion received an excellent assessment. As they laughed when they found such address to the teacher in the text: Are the basis for the edition of the Complete collection of laws of the Russian Empire by the paper is taken from a world wide web texts of initial editions, as the most true and the teacher deliver to this fool that he deserved , their continuous use in offices approved .

Pythagoras`s numerology as an intelligent way of studying of mathematics also interested the author in school. Here both arithmetics, and algebra, and geometry is used.

With use of numerology it is possible to gain rather exact impression and about the person, and himself, first of all, and about human relations, including about stories of human relationship. In my opinion, it is much more useful, than to consider when 2 trains meet or the pool will be filled with water.

Not to forget algorithm of calculation and value of numbers, I was trained on acquaintances. Naturally, did not turn attention to obvious similarity of model and the original. It was quite explainable: I know these people therefore noticed how it seemed, only what corresponds to rules of numerology.

For the first time a close attention on obvious analogy, I turned when, at will of circumstances, began to consider strangers. People did not believe that I just got acquainted with them, and we have no mutual friends. And to these facts there was an explanation. Decided that it gipsiness . Just I learned to tell general phrases, intuitively noting reaction of the interlocutor.

For information sources I sat down when people whom I considered on the Internet began to state me the surprise: there is no personal contact, and rather exact representation is. At me was not to these facts of an explanation. Especially on life I knew that intuition my not strongest quality. More likely, on the contrary.

It is natural that the Internet became the first source. However, before beginning the story about that as where I found, we will talk about practical advantage of this knowledge for ordinary Internet users.


we will long not stop on entertainments. It is widely known, especially in the Internet. The best idea of numerology as entertainment gives the Goroskopy@mail project. ru. In the section Numerology it is possible to find everything that can be interesting: number of destiny, the card of compatibility, forecasts for year, month and even day.

" corporation; Mail. ru together with the " project; Okulus suggest visitors to enter the data to obtain exhaustive information on various aspects of the life: from the mission in this life to value in it of house number in which you live.

I know from experience that it is easy to learn a phone number of the girl, having offered her to tell fortunes according to this number. Women, probably, the most curious beings in the world. Value of a phone number can be taken on the website I Want, I want, I want and here is how to learn date of birth of the girl depends on own ingenuity. Girls usually also do not hide it, and as for women is more senior, for entertainment there is enough also day.

As for entertainments for women, it is possible to recommend numerology for studying of love triangles: who to whom suits more what days are suitable for happy meetings how to call the man that loved stronger by

On Rambler are the section Numerology in similar the project: Rambler. Horoscopes. This development represent the Internet of the Rambler and The Higher School of Classical Astrology Holding.

Surprisingly, but among a big variety of the directions, on Yandex there is no such project. Probably here give preferences to other types of entertainment. And in vain, because there is nothing more interestingly, than to find information on itself in the Internet.

The self-knowledge

Is obvious that if you have growth meter eighty to get into usual marching tent, it is necessary to bend, and it is better to rise on all fours. The person does it practically without reflecting. It is logical to assume that there are such qualities of the identity of the person which he also without reflecting considers. So the bird flies, fish floats, the hare runs. The person has an unconscious template of actions too.

I tell the psychologist (!) : You have a tendency to notice in everything first of all shortcomings The Lie, - objects it, - I always in bad try to find good! whether

useful Will know not only the growth and weight, but templates of the actions, for example, for business development? Obviously. Here only not all know that these templates can be calculated, on date of birth.

For example, " project, rather famous in the Internet; School of the Business of Jurij Moroz . Many decisions which her author approves as true for all follow from a born template of its actions, one of which a spiritualizing of terrestrial. We use business (material) as a development tool of the personality (spiritual) it is received the main idea of School of the Business: Personal development is the main thing in business .

It is at first sight difficult to believe that date of birth defines behavior of the person. But it so. Practice shows.

Here also the difference between entertainment and self-knowledge begins. About the results received during entertainment it is possible to forget. Results of self-knowledge need to be considered how growth, the weight and the size of footwear. And this too serious business to charge it to the automatic machine.

It is no secret that answers on the websites on numerology form programs. Programs are written by people. We still will talk about programs. About people too. And now there is a wish to tell about the main thing: for entertainment use programs, and for self-knowledge - people who write them.

On each website about which we spoke above there is a section Individual consultations . Use this opportunity for self-knowledge if laziness to understand. Only do not confuse these services, to services which for payment are represented by the same program. Professionals use programs too, but they are addition to his talent. Use talents, but not programs.

About that, the person is how talented, too it is possible to recognize by date of birth.

Personal development What

sense to study itself and others?

In - the first to consider design . We spoke about it above. If length of the car of 6 meters, then and garage has to be such that it could come around there. If your friend takes offense when he is called the bad programmer, then you will not tell with it about shortcomings it the program at his birthday.

In - the second that it was possible this design to improve. It is obvious that there is a way of life which promotes disclosure of abilities and manifestation of talents. On the Internet there is a mass of the resources devoted to ways of personal development.

Numerology, also as astrology, got used to carry to sciences fatal, the " type; was born under a lucky star . And it not so. By means of numerology it is possible to calculate the program of development of personal qualities, to design such way of life which will help the person to be realized, achieve success in society.

Here It should be noted a possibility of use of numerology for development business - qualities. Knowing the level of enterprise abilities from the birth and necessary level, it is easy to define, to be exact to calculate, a way of life for business development.

Development of the program of development represents special importance for children who were born after 1999. They very easily create behavior templates. Therefore parents and teachers have an opportunity to create all conditions for blossoming of talent of such children.


On the Internet exists a set of ways of collection of information about potential clients: registration of purchases, questionnaires, polls, etc. But still nobody guessed to hold psychological testing to know the clients better.

And from the theory of sales is known the fact that it upon purchase in the Internet of people generally is guided by subconscious motives. And it is those unconscious templates of behavior about which we spoke above.

And if the seller has off - line is an opportunity to consider these motives: he sees, hears and can feel the client, in on - line - it is almost excluded.

Here the numerology can come to the rescue. On the basis of date of birth it is possible to define easily interests, priorities, expectations and even obligation of clients. At what unlike real in which the person is inclined at communication to play some role in virtual space of the Internet people proyavlt the essence, behavior templates which are given from the birth.

It is clear, that the professional is capable to distinguish a role from an essence in any world. On that it and the pro. When using numerology in the Internet there is an opportunity to arrange under the client style of sales without participation of the person - the seller. The post robot after definition like the person can send it that set of messages which most of all corresponds to its type. For the logician - it will be a set of arguments and the facts, and for the intuitionalist - sequence of images.

Now such way of increase in sales is developed within the Universal Solver of Problems project.


to Deny interest in astrology and numerology, especially female part of the population, senselessly. Pages and the seconds of mass media devoted to astrological forecasts are measured by millions monthly. Astrological and numerologichesky messages one of the first began to extend by means of the SMS. More popularly, probably, only news and weather forecast.

Would be a sin not to use this interest for involvement of visitors on the website. As to make it by means of software we will discuss below. For now the original idea is offered to attention.

The author finishes work on the guide to negotiations for advertizing managers of the hometown. The essence of idea is simple: to place in the Internet of the characteristic of heads of the city enterprises, received by means of numerology.

Of course, such information is necessary to professionals, only to confirm the intuitive guesses. They always rely on the intuition more. But such according to only 20%.

About sources, people and programs

Now when there is an idea of advantage which can be received from numerology, can pass to information sources into the Internet.

To be convinced that in it something is it is possible to recommend Alexander`s book of " Kissel; Wisdom Well . I want to warn at once that the mathematician who checked calculations of the author went crazy. So convincing examples confirming Pythagoras everything is number it found in the book.

For those who like neither mathematics, nor mysticism it is possible to recommend the website of the practicing magician. On this website it is possible to find a course on numerology of Alexander Kolesnikov in whom all basic concepts of this science are easily and just explained.

By the way, Alexander Kolesnikov in 2006 published the book in " publishing house; Triumph Numerology by means of the computer and without it. Self-instruction manual in which it is possible to find details and a disk with programs, including for payment under this book.

If conversation on books came, then I most of all liked other Alexander`s books - Alexandrov. In recent years it prepared several books on digital psychoanalysis. Quite so he called the author`s method. The complete description can be found in the book of " publishing house; RIPOL (2006) Dates and destinies: big book of numerology. From numerology to digital psychoanalysis: full version of system.

It is possible to get acquainted with this method on the website www. pifagor. org in the section the theory. The programmer Alexey Laty designed and conducts this website. He created the " program on the basis of a method of Alexandrov; Numerologichesky " processor; Pythagoras .

There is a lot of programs written on numerology. To understand them initial knowledge will be required at least. Therefore we will be limited listed above: according to Kolesnikov`s book and according to books of Alexandrov.

And I would like as I promised, to return to a subject of use of numerology for customer acquisition on the website. Developers of the specialized websites offer the scripts for placement on web - resources. For example, the OKULUS project suggests to place free of charge scripts of the astrological forecasts and forecasts on the fan - Shui.

The conclusion

Everyone goes in own way crazy. It seems to me that the course of numerology has to enter the obligatory school program. Probably, each person who is carried away by the business so thinks.