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What remarkable is in an ugly doll? My acquaintance to Bratz

Heard news? The long-legged blond smiling beauty Barbie for a long time not in fashion. In total advanced little girls from five to fifteen sat down on strange (and a suitor for the hand is to write terrible ) dolls Bratts. According to one my acquaintance: It is not a doll! This is the teenager - gidrotsefat, having rickets and a congenital illness of Botkin . Cruelly? But probably and it is possible to describe this doll (imitating the person, by the way) with huge on a floor - persons lips, slanting glazishcha in its second half, disproportionately big head, the long legs with about - about - huge feet.

Why my daughter seven-year-old for those times with ecstasy told me about this new doll and zhelanny could not think up a gift to birthday?

At the choice of a gift independently I would not pay for anything attention to Bratts. The first impression was - what the freak is The price which in our provincial shops was recorded by me in 770 rub on the lower bound was the second impression. The upper bound was difficult predictable and fluctuated somewhere behind eight thousand

More than for seven hundred was offered to get the most terrible - with a blue lock in hair, with a skirt and a jacket in one and a half centimeters of synthetic fabric, with chubbier lips and slanting eyes, than from other friends, and with black legs (as explained to me, it is attempt to represent the girl in tights).

Later I learned that similar dolls and the accompanying goods to them there are whole series. There are dolls - babies of Bratz - Baby (not less repogolovy, but from the normal size feet, probably, problems with beauties happened a bit later, but not in infancy as it was supposed earlier). These are the same Bratts in the childhood, only legs yet not thin and krivenky, but tolstenky and short that smoothes disproportionately big sizes of the head a little.

Still there is a series Bratts - pass - crumbs no more than 10 cm in height and with the whole arsenal of additional accessories. And for Bratts horses, furniture, additional sets of clothes are issued, and for their little hostesses the company - producer prepared everything for arrangement of the nursery: from upholstered furniture to lamps, curtains and cosmetic sets with images of the same gidrotsefalny young ladies.

My daughter you will not call strongly spoiled therefore the dream of the beauty with a large head is decided to be achieved (after 15 spittles of the grandfather, the grandmother`s maxims about volume where the world slides and exclamations of the husband Whether Yes in the you mind? ).

To find a modern doll it appeared not absolutely simply. General demand for Bratts just swept away goods from shelves of toy stores (on counters remained to flaunt only those for 770 rub) . I was visited by thought that the ekonomvariant, probably, and becomes the most terrible that there was no desire on it to stop.

Well, I (the price I will not even call not to cause a collapse attack in especially impressionable readers) chose gift packing with the brunette by the name of Jasmin in a magnificent brocade dress, with additional accessories - a hairbrush, a fur coat, a camera and spare legs. It turns out that malyshnya was not distracted by pereobuvany dolls during game, with it in a set quite often there are additional feet in other shoes.

On a box the inscription in English, something it seems " flaunted; As to you new " series; Bratts - movie stars ? Our beauties pose for the cameras and act in at film. And you can do it together with them! Well, at least, it is better, than the " series; London punks Midnight tango and Modern piratochka of " Caramel;.

And Jasmin, it seems, nothing, even quite nice (in comparison with dolls from the listed series). However, it turned out that blond Chloe was secret dream of the daughter. So victorious accession Bratts in our apartment on the swarty brunette did not end. Now in the room of the daughter Jasmin, Chloe (elicited as a gift for 9 years) and them " undividedly dominate; brattsovsky horse. And ahead there are a lot more holidays