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How to help pets to be made ready for the winter?

On the eve of winter an organism of animals are reconstructed: adapts to decrease in temperature and reduction of light day. Immunity of pets decreases, they become sleepy, their organism demands more vitamins.

During this period it is necessary to be especially attentive to behavior of the favourite and to be able to expect what help will be required to it. The animal will not be able to tell about it

the Dog depression

Sometimes influences fall dogs the same as people: at them the depression begins too! Pay to the pet more attention, caress, play slightly longer usual, you bring to the street more often. Daily physical exercise and physical activities will increase mood and to a dog, and you. In November light day is shortened, air temperature goes down and at dogs the active molt begins. It especially amplifies at turning on of batteries of a central heating. Give to the pet the polyvitamins for dogs containing vitamin A, biotin and nonsaturated fatty acids, and then new wool will be dense and silky. In the fall the dog organism is especially susceptible to infections: do not forget to do vaccination against infectious diseases.

Cats - sleepyheads

of the Cat in anticipation of winter become quieter, long sleep and press close to warm batteries. As well as dogs, before cold weather they actively fade. That wool grew dense and beautiful, add a diet of a cat with polyvitamins with taurine and biotin. The cat who goes outside with approach of winter is trapped by such dangers as salt reagent and different chemicals with which strew paths during ice. Getting on soft small pillows of pads, reagent causes burns and leads to education painful yazvochek. Therefore after your fluffy beauty came back from walk, wash up her pads clear water.

A hamster - in heat

If your hamster hides a forage in secluded places - wait for a fast cold snap! Check its granaries more often and do not assume that the food deteriorated, otherwise the pet can get poisoned. As light day is reduced, pets become uneasy. Chinchillas, guinea pigs warm nests from any improvised material - threads, pieces of a laying and wool which small animals pull out each other! Then bury in warming and long from there do not get out. Compensate shortage of vitamins and decrease in immunity, adding germinated grain, greens and vitamins to usual food.

Small fishes need light to

Fall - the best time to be engaged in improvement of an aquarium. Carry out audit of an underwater garden: remove the damaged plants. If there is a lot of seaweed, thin out them, having left the strongest. Check all equipment, clear filters and valves of compressors. The lack of lighting badly affects health of fishes therefore by means of a lyuksometr measure whether it is enough in light aquarium. Take care of the correct heating of an aquarium: maintain temperature about + 20C. Examine its inhabitants. Pay attention to coloring and a condition of fins of goldfishes and vualekhvost and to a condition of eyes and scales - at tsikhlid. Remove weak and sick fishes. Whitebaits transplant in other aquarium. Serious preparation for winter is demanded by the fishes of a midland living in an aquarium: gudgeons, ruffs, perches. In the fall they need gradual decrease in water temperature. In the winter it should not exceed + 7C.

Long day of birds

All birdies feel approach of winter and prepare for it. In the fall they begin a plentiful molt. If to feed them only with grain, new feathers will long grow and to look dim and uneven. The bird hard transfers this period: ruffled sits on a pole, refuses food. During this period the additional source of amino acids and minerals is necessary for it. Add to a forage or to water polyvitamins with the content of these substances. Birds, as well as other animals, suffer from a lack of light during the winter period. In the dark evenings include a desk lamp of day lighting. It will cause feeling as if light day lasted in a birdie.

Vigorous reptiles approach of winter is connected by

For cold blooded with serious reorganization of an organism. Almost all species of turtles, frogs, lizards and snakes fall into long hibernation: the metabolism is slowed down, animals cease to eat, become inactive. They fall into a condition of anabiosis. For preparation of a reptile for the sparing wintering smoothly and evenly reduce heating temperature in a terrarium and reduce in it lighting till 4 o`clock, but do not stop completely. Turtles are fed not more often than once in 4 - 5 days, and snakes at all once a month.

If you follow all this advice, then all your favourites will be able to transfer better winter.