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How to develop and move forward, without losing what we have?

What we want from life? Where we move? To what we will come? How many we will lose? In what sense of this search?

is So much questions therefore whether, what became sillier? Or because there is more experience? It is time for

to understand - where to be how to treat that fight is inevitable. Having

in total - we do not appreciate it and, seemingly, we will never because our will always remain relative be able to estimate (at least in relation to last values). Whether so it? Perhaps is also not present, but we will look at our life.

When we forget about thoughts that something needs to be changed what it is necessary to aspire to something? When we feel fatigue when are drunk, or are keen on something, occupying consciousness from long reasonings and thoughts. As soon as this state passes, there is an aspiration, the movement, and happens, and a depression. The depression - is more often because that it is difficult to begin this movement, or the fatigue is big.

we Want to change something - means, does not arrange up to the end real. It is absurdity - there is no it that everything was pleasant and we stopped - life in itself means the movement. But whether it is worth relying in everything on this movement?

Developing and moving forward, we shift this movement to all: on the relations with people, on physical development, on the level of reasonings and on love. Very much a conclusion from they frightens are we change ourselves. In aspiration to change something we can change what for us will always remain expensive, in that look in what it is at the moment, in the preservation, - in it and its growth consists in our eyes. It is important to realize it and it is necessary to reckon with it. The greatest monuments of art of subjects are also expensive to us that store in themselves history, greatness of human development, bear in themselves love.

The love is just such feeling which needs to be kept, object of love - we create, the most part of this object - only his perception us. Love, about which speak is born instantly. Let us cannot still understand what the feeling is, but we precisely know that it with all the heart - from consciousness depth. It has to us be more expensive, than and, especially, create what we can perceive. Change to the feelings - the deepest shock for all basis of consciousness, for our future. And we often should change, not only in love - trying to find a vicious circle bigger, than is, without having on that arguments - just from - for complete and all-consuming aspiration to development - we lose what we will never find any more and we will not return back.

How to avoid it?

To say that it is necessary to be more circumspect and careful in decision-making - it the request is empty as a request more slowly to breathe. Other option - to choose what shows for you the major value or (better) several complementary and to put them in a basis of the growth - the rest will be under construction by the old principles. Do we have the right to do strict selection? I think, we have - not for nothing some of us fat, some presidents, in everyone, as a result, there is an identity. Means, the nature initially builds individuals - here and we will be them. We will perceive society as a basis for comparison - not aspirations and restriction - to be more free!

Someone will call it - to listen to heart I will call it the next purpose.