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How to pass examinations without attending lectures? Easily!

In this article would be desirable to continue a subject of training of the house external in which readers of School of Life so vividly became interested. This time I will tell about how to be prepared and to successfully pass school examinations.

1. What to undertake? it is a lot of

of School objects, and for an ex-sloe it would be unreasonable to undertake everything at once. Besides consecutive studying of objects yields the best results, than parallel.


for a start I advise to undertake geography, biology or history;

needs to prepare for examinations in literature, algebra, the Russian and English languages during the whole year - in parallel with studying of other objects;

needs to think over the curriculum so that the exact sciences went near humanitarian. Otherwise you will just be tired of only the solution of tasks or only reading fiction, and results will leave much to be desired...

2. How to prepare?

In - the first, you have to have convenient, cozy and, the main, lonely place for occupations.

In - the second, such time in which you can concentrate and work wholeheartedly is obligatory to select (for most of people it is morning hours, but in general 2 - 3 times are recommended to be engaged throughout the day).

Now several councils rather actually preparation:

better to remember the poem, take it with yourself in transport; rewrite it many times and hang out leaves on the room;

well remember by the same way algebraic, physical or chemical formulas;

before reading the literary work, get acquainted with questions in the textbook or with examination cards. Answering them in the course of reading (it is better if you write down the answers), it is possible to save a lot of time;

take such technique of studying of new material for the rule: at first from cover to cover we read the textbook, we answer questions, we summarize theses, we perform practical tasks; then all over again we repeat, we try to compare, for example, Type of the Amphibian to Type of the Reptile, or one literary hero with another; approximately in two days prior to examination the last stage - thoughtful scrolling begins (the effect 25 - go a shot works here, I advise several times to thumb through the book, getting accustomed to the italicized terms and paying attention to questions at the end of heads). If for preparation examination cards were given, you have to have a plan of the answer to each question - it needs to be re-read attentively before delivery too.

an algebra course quite volume, and everything that you studied at first, can be forgotten partially to examination therefore I advise to do so: in each chapter we leave several unresolved examples characteristic (it means - not the most difficult) for this subject and we lead round them a pencil. One week prior to examination we look through theoretical part of the textbook and we set to ourselves examination from the led round examples. Thus, all course of algebra repeats, and you surely go for examination.

3. How to hand over? (in 2 - 3 hours) nothing to repeat

Before the examination and furthermore it is not necessary to cram, differently it can turn out that you remember only the last. It is possible to look through slightly the textbook, to remember bases, to see a table of contents.

Small nervousness before examination - business quite normal, it is also not necessary to take this feeling for ignorance. Even if you do not remember something, the teacher will suggest you an idea, will prompt.

After examination (irrespective of on what assessment it is handed over) usually there comes the state similar to shock - there is a wish to go to bed and to close ears. And make. But next day begin to study a new subject slowly.