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How to cease to snore?

Snore can be very unpleasant for those who suffer from this illness, and quite irritating for their relatives and friends. To find the solution of this problem, in the beginning it is necessary to understand what actually the reasons of developing of snore consist. And to regret to recognize it, people create similar troubles the hands, such addictions as smoking and an overeating are the main reasons for snore, besides the natural physiological reasons. Therefore both men, and women can suffer from snore, and with age the risk of developing of snore only amplifies.

As for methods of elimination of this unpleasant problem, there is a mass of the means urged to reduce or at all to eliminate snore. The most interesting is that officially registered ways or medicines against snore do not exist therefore it is necessary to rely on councils of acquaintances or to address traditional medicine. As it was already told, national methods exists much, I suggest to consider only some, in my opinion, the most effective of them.

For a start stop to smoke and lose excess weight if everything listed concerns to you. Loss of extra kilos promotes removal of fatty tissue which collects in airways at the excess weight and prevents to breathe, and severe snore can be reduced, having left off smoking and having cleared, thus, the lungs and airways.

If your weight is normal, and you never smoked, then the wrong position of your body can serve as the reason of snore during a dream. If you like to have a sleep on a back, then it is necessary to get rid of this habit as such pose only aggravates snore. Try to sleep on one side or on a stomach, but only not on a back . As it is difficult for some people to change position of a body during a dream, exists so-called method of a tennis ball which facilitates this task. Take a tennis ball or any other sphere suitable by the size and hardness and place it in a special pocket which needs to be sewn previously behind in the top part of your pajamas or nightgown. Thus, when you will turn over on a back during a dream, you will feel discomfort will develop quicker a habit to sleep on one side or on a stomach.

Some experts dealing with this problem advise to raise the head by means of a pillow or not to use at all usual pillows as they do not promote that language and a jaw were pushed forward during a dream. Special pillows were developed for the snoring people by which interfere with sticking of language during a dream and facilitate breath.

As you see, the healthy lifestyle sharply reduces risk of emergence of snore therefore you watch over the health and address experts if the listed ways do not help you, but I sincerely hope that you will get rid of snore, using the described methods.