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How to organize original appointment? Councils for men of

the Organization original, interesting, and, above all, the memorable appointment is the purpose for many men, in particular, if it is about the first appointment, as a rule, serving as a starting point for the long and serious relations.

In attempt to win heart of darling males diligent try as it seems to them, to think up something extravagant and extraordinary. But in most cases, the flight of fancy comes to an end on the order of a little table at expensive restaurant or a visit of cinema. Of course, similar appointments too not too bad at all, but, you see, that such appointment can organize everyone, therefore, it is not capable to strike.

Really to surprise the girl with the originality and to win the right, at least, for the second appointment, you can use the following ideas and realize them: Flight in the balloon


, any girl will remember such appointment for a long time. Only it is necessary to try that memoirs were not limited to the hands which convulsively seized a basket board and sensation of fear. Whether previously take an interest at the girl she is afraid of height, and that you risk to be trapped. Naturally, ask for the help professionals who will take care of safety of your appointment, and you will see to it about all the rest meanwhile. Your main task - to seize the moment being in flight. For example, offer the girl a glass of champagne or present her a romantic gift.

Present it a star

Of course, you are hardly able to get a star from the sky (though as the nobility!) but to call a star in honor of the lady of your heart to you quite on forces. Now enough firms is engaged in such type of service and it is quite inexpensive. Use the Internet for search of the similar organizations. Keep in mind that star photos have to provide you, information on its location in the sky and the certificate confirming that this star is called in honor of your darling. You need only to give romantic party and to hand a gift.

Use an old film projector

In a century of digital technologies and home theaters, people began to forget about such concepts as magic of cinema which can be felt, only using a film projector. Surprise the girl, having invited her to watch the movie at your place and instead of the expected flat TV, use a white sheet as the screen and by means of a projector organize a session old mute cinema or viewing of the romantic melodrama. Take

it with yourself on fishing

Yes, on fishing, it did not seem to you. This stereotype that girls do not love fishing, hunting and other man`s occupations, it is necessary to break, so be one of those who will be engaged in it. Of course, try that you had all necessary for fishing. Employ the boat or the boat if it is required. I assure you, the girl will like such appointment not less than a visit of restaurant.

Invite the girl to a concert of her favorite band or the performer

In advance buy tickets and order places if it is required. Your darling will be delighted just, in particular, if she visits a concert of the favourite performer for the first time and only thanks to you.

All above-mentioned ideas are not the management to a gain of heart of the girlfriend at all. To achieve mutual feeling, it is necessary to try much and there will hardly be enough one original appointment, but such appointment will unambiguously facilitate your efforts to sweetheart the pleasant girl. I wish you good luck!