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In hotel there are no places Where to spend the night in others city? Whether

such situation Is familiar to you? You incidentally appear in others city, and in hotel there are no places Or these places are so expensive that your purse will become much thinner after the night spent in apartments. If at all in it something will remain What exit?

Of course, everything is better to plan in advance. Both trip, and accommodation. But, happens, its Majesty Sluchay - and you in private with uncertainty in others, such unfriendly city interferes. But desperate situations do not happen. Not on a bench in dark park to spend the night!

If you got into a difficult situation in the afternoon - the problem is solved simply. In any booth you buy the fresh local newspaper and you look for announcements of renting apartments in employment. It is better by the day. If it is necessary to spend the night only one night - will be to rent the room in the apartment with owners cheaper.

If night already overtakes, it is better to get acquainted in the train or the bus with neighbors in a compartment and to ask them to help with a lodging for the night. The main thing not to become flustered and to safely strike up acquaintances. You can get anywhere if you know how to use your tongue. I remember our trip to Sukhumi to relatives. Long ago it was The day train from Sochi was not, and we arrived to the destination in the dead of night. And in a compartment got acquainted with one beauty - the Greek woman. Got to talking. Explained that it is necessary to spend the night at the station as did not manage to send the telegram to the family. She right there invited us to herself, and took away to the specified address in the morning. It is much more good people, than thorough swindlers. We corresponded many years with this beauty.

Of course, it is possible to spend the night also at the station. It is better if in a restroom. However, there seldom there are empty seats. In a waiting room good night will not wish you. It will definitely not be! Regular announcements on radio and verifications of documents a police squad will hardly be able to help to have a rest.

If you have a big company - best of all to remove on all night long sauna. Believe, will cost cheaper, than in hotel on all. Especially as saunas allow big discounts at night. There is both a table, and the house. Fresh linen, sofas, wide bed. Also you will be washed!

Will always provide a lodging for the night and monasteries. There nobody promises smart apartments, but I guarantee a pure bed and a modest dinner. Once used such service in Italy. Being going to Rome, rang round all hotels - everywhere the notice. Then decided to try the luck in the monastery - and at once found such. However, in the Italian monasteries from you will surely charge a fee both for a lodging for the night, and for food.

It is and still better to plan the trip in advance. Now, when the Internet is so developed, to make it as easy as shelling pears. On social networks you are registered - and you find people from that city or the country where you head. To all of them you scatter a call for help at once. The main thing, is correct to formulate the SOS. I usually write so - Your help " Is necessary;. Also I state an essence. Briefly and it is clear. From 20 people 5 - 6 will respond surely. You choose the most sincere - and forward!

So I found the adherents in Hungary. My grandfather was missing on May 5, 1945. We long and vainly looked for it. And suddenly - good luck! On the website the Memorial. ru found its burial. In Hungary where it was also gone I according to the above-stated scheme was written off with Russian-speaking Hungarians. One of them went on a military cemetery and sent me fotoochyot. Another addressed to embassy and archives. Now I plan a trip.

Who looks for - that will always find! Going will master the road.