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What benefit financial crisis can bring to the simple person? The Era of ostentatious economic take-off passed

rather failed under the pressure of severe reality.

Burst next grandiose financial bubble also started chain reaction it is less lopanye of bubbles . Such impression that the doomsday comes nearer, so pessimistically most of the population perceives this, in general, banal fact. And people rush about in panic, devouring every word from the TV, and convulsively invent how further to live. What to do, pancake what to do?!

Calm down. Crisis, even such comprehensive and global, only bared sore points of society. Societies of mad consumption and construction of financial pyramids, pyramids and piramidishch at all levels. And it exposure also allows each person to open eyes on the antecedents. Correctly lived or not. If it is correct - to endure what, finance which - what near at hand it is possible to eat, live. Though, and wanted to write state of emergency, authorized. As ambassador in others, enemy country. All of us now a few (or there is a lot of) intelligence agents in others territory. If not in a camp of enemies, then in new financial territories precisely! Something the bible Flood was remembered. Only Nov which will carefully accept you in the ark and will carefully land on the firm, not filled in and fertile land will not be any more. It is necessary to float. How many? Nobody knows. Year, two Speak, it is a minimum.

So, what to do to wrap up this financial cataclysm to itself on advantage, and to the simple person, which and fills in now is the strongest?

1. the First and main that bears in itself extraordinary deep financial crisis, - a new trend. You guess what? Correctly. To live within means! Who will not follow it, will drown first of all. And - come for meetings, do not leave - nobody will help. Ability to live within means will help during crisis to stay afloat .

2. the Second. Crisis - magnificent magic pendel for optimization of your professional activity. Mass dismissals already began and if you did not appear behind gate yet, it is necessary to work better many times, keeping within at the same time, and that the annoying, in the same (or smaller) a salary, as earlier. Prepare for reduction, master adjacent professions, monetize the hobbies. If already joined ranks of the unemployed, look for work with the decupled energy. Experts are necessary always, even in the conditions of deep crisis.

3. the Third. Give more resources to self-development. Including to health. And where still now to invest resources? Money, time... If you vysypit contents of the purse to yourself in the head, already nobody will take away it from you . You know who told? Is not present? Look at the hundred-dollar note.

4. the Fourth. Do a brand of the personality if you were not engaged in it earlier yet. Then you can receive for the same work money more, than on average on the market. It is much more! Even in the conditions of crisis.

5. the Fifth. At last you will cease to believe in what is told on the TV. In general: not to trust the government, politicians, the administration and dealers - the main psychological line of adequately conceiving modern person. Remember what was told policy on the TV half a year ago. And before elections?

6. the Sixth. And, at last, crisis - a magnificent opportunity to buy at a bargain what costs much! In current crisis the most scarce goods - money. Bankers are taught by bitter experience that you should not distribute money just like that, practically for free of charge. Conditions of receiving the credit became complicated, to obtain the credit became very problematic. What will be done by people when them will secure the large sum of money urgently is required? Correctly, to sell. TV sets in half-walls, computers multinuclear, cellular fancy. In the half-prices, and even in a third. Real estate? Definitely I do not know. But the fact that prices for apartments will not grow on 20% a year, it precisely!

7. the Seventh. And if all of you do not give in to this mass psychosis, this world panic, your self-confidence will become stronger repeatedly. And the self-assured person both is ill less, and works better, and spends less for any very expensive nonsense for the demonstration steepness . And on them, chachkas these, usually there is also a lion`s share of the money earned with the person.

So you should not do of crisis of the tragedy. Accept it as an inevitable evil, magic pendel sent by God for your own advantage, also find a way to benefit from all this. And it is better - a lot of advantage. Except concrete benefit, it still will give skills of the solution of problems which will be useful always and everywhere. And even then, when this crisis at last will end.