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Soul, heart, love what is the dictating element when to us it is bad?

Arrive as heart orders The Soul will prompt listen to the heart Follow love - we heard all this more than once, but never received the answer where to find the answer of this heart, broad soul and unfading love?... What to take for their answers, there is a lot of them? The head is full of ideas, questions, answers, - how to choose what is dictated not by rage is not saddened by fears or the reason of such state?

Five minutes ago to me it was disgustingly bad, I found a way to grope the following step and my act brought me so much pleasure how many it was not represented possible 5 minutes ago. What it is heart prompted or coincidence?

Not coincidence - the decision was made so quickly and spontaneously that did not even manage to realize - whether correctly I arrive - result pleasant.

torments me a new question Now - how to define, hear a feeling voice?

Probably, for a start it is necessary to define everything - what we call heart, soul, love? Now just that moment when it is so necessary and we argue on these concepts indirectly - so simpler to approach understanding - strict cold mind has to yield accurate result. Right now, because there will pass an hour more, and everything will begin in a new way - questions, answers

I Will try to draw the most accurate models on the basis of the available experience and in a consequence to exclude superfluous and to add missing.

God - attempt to explain inexplicable, he is a personality since. people are inclined to personalisation - in the tribe there is a leader, the state has head, in shop there is a director, at a concert there is an idol

to Deny that there is something is higher than us, I think, it is senseless - even the surest pragmata and people convinced of a possibility of a scientific explanation of all phenomena remain forced to recognize in existence something the highest . Than further progress moves, especially firm are beliefs and receive some scientific justifications of idea of existence of other world.

I will call other world which I want to mention in this article the world of soul. I will not argue - with our body she lives or not (we will leave it for later) - soul is what exists with us, but we do not see, we do not hear and we do not feel any of 5 feelings peculiar to the ordinary person. Ants live with us, but we see them in other world isolated, not realized by us for the same reasons yet, but much more weighty, we will allocate the world of soul as certain other world.

Our life is so urbanized, in decision-making there is so much experience acquired by the person that on a background the source of development of the person, his natural bases leaves. Reflexes, basic feelings, experience at the gene level - all this what operated us in the millennia what moved us forward. Even now, when we became rather developed individuals, we make many decisions spontaneously, without reflecting.

The most critical moment in a reasoning on existence of soul concerns essence of love - feeling which poorly speaks scientifically. There is a love physical, happens Platonic, there is just a love to the image created independently by the person. The love physical - sex in combination with love of soul brings what we feel throughout all life, we forget essence of this feeling, but physically we remember result, we know, what will not be better; it is impossible to be sure, convinced of it by experiments - we feel it - something knows when to stop to it from above.

If to assume what is loved not by us? Loves what we do not realize what we do not understand - love our souls It seems as, everything falls into place, but whether it is that a case when we try to be explained by inexplicable things? we Will present to

Soul and a body as something uniform. We just got used to perceive whole indivisible things - the house will be the house when it is built, but not in the form of a heap of bricks, cement and plates; the person will be a person in the presence of the head, hands, legs and, maybe, souls. Let`s look at things more widely, now we understand that there is the fact that we cannot understand therefore it is rather simple to accept existence of soul - not a fantasy.

Perhaps, it gives us food for definition of the purposes in life, maybe, it answers questions-answers on which do not exist? We make decisions not one!

needs to listen to what torments us Life exists not only where we see it. The world of our soul not less, and, most likely, is more powerful, than our thoughts, our reasonings, scientific arguments - the world of mankind.

of People becomes wiser in old age he reads more? goes to scientific conferences more? - No, his wisdom consists in the relation to life. Old men will not give a piece of good advice to a situation, but they will teach to treat it wisely. Perhaps there is also a contact of soul, reason and body? To listen to the soul, to speak with it, but not with the world of souls whether we find this opportunity at deaths door?

The love is strong - it is a fruit of two souls, their unity and unity - it can be eternal. The body of darling dies, the body of darling tries to keep step with it - their love lives with them further

Why parting of the people loved with each other does not happen explainable? Why there is a feeling - I more on anything in life is unusable - I threw the love, for the sake of freedom which I counted as a whim, more expensive to myself? Not therefore whether that this not only our feeling? Our reason is not imperious over it, it is so silly, as well as all mankind before the highest .

the biggest shocks feels love in the world of souls, there are no so many barriers, restrictions, there are no prejudices, there is no public opinion, there is no lie Collisions of various worlds at certain stages yield different results therefore our life is so various. And the coin thrown up for choice definition - only result of oscillating motions of vital processes. The present answer in the world of soul.

If two souls have enough experience and wisdom - they will be together in spite of the fact that happens to their bodies, to that way which chose their reason.

New purpose? New laws of life? To learn to feel the highest structure, to learn it at that level which is presented by her, but not our interpretation to clear itself of surplus, of prejudices, of fruits of human ignorance and meanness. There it will not be - it is necessary to remain the person - but not the tool of society.

To us it is allowed to be from above individuals, the aspiration to search is given: to search of the half, the purposes in life, understanding of the existence. Society - a fruit of our fears, ignorances, meannesses. Not here we have to look for answers