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Dazzling smile. How to reach it?

vast majority of the people living on the planet are united Today by desire to have a snow-white smile. For someone dreams and remain dreams, someone tries to bleach teeth by means of folk remedies, and someone goes for the help to experts.

Some of my acquaintances bleach teeth in house conditions by means of ordinary baking soda. Of course, this way very much injures enamel, and you should not apply it to bleaching of teeth at all. Soda - very rough abrasive substance. Bleaching happens to its help due to deleting of the thinnest top layer of enamel. On a surface of teeth at the same time mikrotsarapinka into which dyes get even better are formed and, as a result, teeth are painted more and stronger and quicker. Use soda for cleaning of ware or a tile, but not for teeth in any way!

It is better to entrust bleaching of the teeth to professionals. Only the dentist can choose for you optimum methods of bleaching, both in dental clinic, and in house conditions. The clinic can bleach teeth by means of the laser or a special lamp. Perfectly will be suitable for house use special a kappa.

A kappa for house bleaching are produced individually, on molds of your teeth and are ideally suited for use in house conditions. Such a kappa are filled with the special bleaching gel and put on on teeth for a certain time. At regular use a cap it is possible to bleach teeth not worse, than in specialized dental clinic. However too you should not be fond of such bleaching nevertheless.

We will return to professional bleaching. We already mentioned that dentists use special lamps for bleaching of teeth. And so, bleaching happens not only and not just at the expense of lamps how many at the expense of the special clarifying structure which action amplifies at the expense of these lamps.

The basis of any bleaching system is made by active agents of peroxide of hydrogen. Bleaching on the basis of peroxide of hydrogen appeared in the USA in 40 - x years of the XX century remains actual to this day. Whatever stomatologists spoke, as if did not advertize new harmless technologies of bleaching of teeth, know that peroxide of hydrogen is present at a basis of any system of bleaching, so not so it and is harmless to our teeth.

Before going to the stomatologist to bleach teeth, reflect whether you have contraindications to deep bleaching. It is contraindicated to bleach teeth to pregnant women and nursing mothers. With extreme care it is necessary to approach bleaching if you have endocrine diseases, bronchial asthma and a hypertensive illness. Deep bleaching of teeth is not recommended to the persons which did not reach 16 - summer age.

Stomatologists also do not recommend bleaching to patients with multiple carious defeats, wedge-shaped defects, and also not carious damages of teeth of prisheechny localization. It is impossible to bleach teeth if you have a tendency to allergic reactions.

If your teeth are healthy, but enamel very sensitive, bleaching is also not recommended. Sensitivity of teeth are unpleasant feelings in the course of reception of hot, cold or very sour food.

As you already understood, procedure of deep bleaching of teeth cannot be absolutely harmless, but in certain cases it is simply necessary. The bleaching executed by the professional dentist will allow to avoid in some cases production of expensive crowns and vinir, to keep a natural shape and position of teeth, to improve conditions of hygiene of an oral cavity.

If you underwent procedure professionally of bleaching of teeth, do not forget to use the bleaching toothpastes from time to time. The result achieved by professionals will help to support action of such pastes.

Let your teeth will always be beautiful and healthy, and a smile - dazzling!