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Dazzling smile. What it? Whether

are Known by you what service in dental clinics enjoys the greatest popularity? No, it not dental care, but their bleaching! We got used to consider that the white teeth smile is a standard of beauty and health. Which of us does not dream to have beautiful healthy white teeth? Almost all dream. But so was not always.

In various time and various people had the idea of beauty. And what one culture perceives as fine another can consider ugly. For example, in Japan there was a tradition of decorative coloring of teeth more than four thousand years ago. The main result of this cosmetic procedure giving of enamel of teeth was dark - brown color. Japanese tried to obtain this effect by means of various dyes on a vegetable basis.

Presently yellow, and especially brown teeth will hardly cause in someone admiration. In fashion a healthy lifestyle. Sound body, healthy hair, nails and, of course, teeth. Snow-white teeth are associated at us with health. But not each of us can brag of a white teeth smile.

In - the first, it is necessary to know that snow-white the natural shade of enamel cannot be in any way. White as paper teeth will look not absolutely naturally. Natural color of tooth enamel can have easy, hardly noticeable yellowish or grayish shade.

In - the second, consider that natural color of tooth enamel is identical not at all. If your natural shade is closer than enamel to dairy, then your teeth are stronger and at due leaving will remain longer, than at those who have a grayish or bluish shade of enamel.

The use in food of the food possessing the painting properties is the main reason for superficial coloring of teeth. All of us know that it is possible to carry tea and coffee to such products. But you should not forget also about other products, for example, berries, some fruit and dark chocolate. The strong painting properties berry bilberry possesses. You remember also cigarettes. Smoking also leads to quite permanent coloring of tooth enamel in is yellow - brown, and eventually, and black color.

The long use of some medicamentous preparations can serve as the reason of deep coloring of teeth. Inevitably color of teeth changes with age. So occurs from - for the fact that eventually the layer of tooth enamel becomes thinner and loses the transparency.

It is impossible to exclude also one more reason of change of color of teeth. It is excess of fluorine - so-called flyuoroz. Flyuoroz arises from - for superfluous consumption of fluorine with drinking water less often with food. So, for example, if you know that in your district water is rather saturated with fluorine, you should not use fluorinated toothpastes.

Bleaching is the procedure allowing to change color of teeth, to make them is several tones more white.

It is necessary to distinguish such concepts as bleaching and clarification of teeth. That everything was extremely clear, clarification and bleaching of teeth can be compared to washing and coloring of hair, respectively.

Clarification of teeth is a return of natural color to them due to mechanical removal of a superficial pigmentary raid. In house conditions restoration of natural color of teeth are provided by toothpaste and a toothbrush. The bleaching toothpastes are effective not only the account of the abrasivity, but also thanks to the special substances which are contained in them - to pyrophosphates and enzymes (protease, lizotsy, papainase, bromelayn).

Bleaching is a change of a shade of teeth due to release of atomic oxygen which, getting into enamel and a dentine, causes their oxidation. Thereof oxidations superficial pigments are split, and teeth get a beautiful white shade.

As what the way to make your smile snow-white you was chosen, consult with experts. Consultation and the help of the dentist will help your teeth to keep beauty and health for a long time!