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What gifts are loved by Sagittariuses?

Sagittariuses (on November 23 - on December 21) are in power of all-powerful Fire. This exciting element does not allow fidgets to Sagittariuses to sit in one place. They since the childhood are attracted by a blue distance. The most large number of travelers were born under this zodiac sign. Knowing this feature, it is easy to find the gift useful to travel - a backpack, the boat, a kettle, the field-glass, a suitcase, the globe, at last! And it is better for Sagittarius to present travel in unopened to them the countries at once. To the fashionable resort or in an impassable taiga. Even walk on the boat on the native river will not leave it indifferent. And the hometown rediscovered for it most of all will shake imagination of a violent Sagittarius. He will violently admire!

Most of all Sagittariuses like to plan. Manilov, probably, too byl Strelchonk . They are dreamers, but not fruitless. Love action, activity and still like to speak! To speak and speak. Present them the microphone. Organizer. Business diary. Colourful calendar.

Sagittariuses are allocated with heightened sense of own advantage and big will power. They are frank and straight, courageous and courageous. After each falling rise again and again go forward. They are indestructible optimists. However, as nobody else, to them suits a proverb My Language - my enemy . But they will not be silent under no circumstances.

Women - Sagittariuses - very independent and independent natures. Whether it be the celebutante or the sportswoman - the member of the Komsomol. They are almost always fond of sport. The movement is life! To whom how not to them to know this truth? And therefore any of sports goods will be desired for your birthday man. But the woman always remains the woman therefore as well as all other representatives of a fine half, loves jewelry. Turquoise - a stone fearless is one of stones - mascots of irresistible Strelchikhi.

Sagittariuses are inquisitive. It is a lot of and with enthusiasm read. What do we give? Of course, book! Them at Sagittariuses always the whole library. They appreciate reliability and comfort. Therefore give preference to all that this comfort provides. Present it the computer, the new mobile phone, a video camera, the laptop.

Sagittariuses have uncommon sense of humour. Often play people around and will always cheerfully apprehend a gift with a trick, with a hint. Friendly cartoon or cheerful draw. The laudatory anthem in their honor or number of the invited clown. The Sagittarius itself with pleasure will participate in all this.

A Sagittarius - the romantic, unruly and active. Present it the interesting romantic movie or the album made with own hands with old photos. It will be happy.

A Sagittarius - the idealist seeking to embrace immensity. At it interest in all exotic, new, foreign is big. Present it the African mask or a double-Dutch, and it will store these gifts long.

And still the important fact - any gift for the Sagittarius has to be handed very solemnly, at a big congestion of people. The main gift surely has to be handed together with nominal address (the special folder with a congratulation) and accompanied by the long speech. The Sagittarius will become flustered, mutter something the " type; Why, it was not necessary Be not bought and do not stop a panegyric. It oocheen is pleasant to it, and he will never forget it!

Sagittariuses love the nature and animals. If decide to present to the birthday man of representatives of flora or fauna, at first take an interest what living creatures he already has

Sagittariuses - the most independent sign, they are eternal fighters for justice. Do not transfer any oppressions and oppressions. Also welcome the same open and free people in the environment. Means, gifts need to be given only in all sincerity. In search of a gift to put heart and soul. However, it needs to be done always, for the representative of any zodiac sign.

And what gifts are loved by Lions, Maidens, Scales, Scorpions, Capricorns, Aquarius, Fishes, Arieses, Tauruses, Twins and Cancers?