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You often see the parents playing in the yard with children? Become the first!

we with the daughter went Last winter to school to New Year`s morning performance to our girlfriend Sonechka. Before representation the parental congratulation and tea drinking in a class was planned. My friend, Sonechkina mother, participated in this congratulation as the Baba-yaga. It approached this action responsibly, it was prepared thoroughly, stayed in spirit and, one may say, proved to be a star of a school stage.

But the speech nevertheless not about it. And about that pride which was tested by Sonechka during mother`s performance. She bragged of everything that it is her mother and that it helped to do to mother a suit. Watching it - happy, interested - both other children and their parents - passive and, in general, missing - I thought that an active parental position - very correct position. The sleepyhead feels like the leader among children both in the yard, and at school in many respects because her mother does not show indifference to her children`s problems. Does not interfere, namely does not show indifference, referring to employment and fatigue. Whether to organize morning performance or purchase of linoleum in a class, to get out to the nature or to drive on rollers, to leave a kitten or to look after a watchdog - mother always participates in affairs of the daughter. And most it is more interesting to mother to live.

You noticed that children in the yard do not play anything? And not because the computer replaced freedom with it and just because do not know domestic games. And who can show them them? Only parents. At which was not in the childhood of computers and which perfectly remember, what played when were small.

From words - to business - I solved, took Tonja, the daughter, and went with her to the yard. To participate, so to speak, in her life. There were days off, in the yard there were many children, and they were engaged in nothing! Girls of years of ten - twelve, having broken into couples, strolled with a languid look on the yard. Boys sat on a handrail of entrances and loudly laughed loudly. We with Tonja caught the same Sonechka and suggested it to call the friends to play in bouncers . In ten minutes of players was the person 15. Even all awfully adult teenagers were connected. And Tonja my two-year-old with enthusiasm ran away from a ball, roaring with laughter when I marked at her.

Excellent idea - towns. Frankly speaking, even we in the childhood did not play it any more. It is more interesting to those! Reported joyful news that we go to play towns, to the husband. He actively helped me to participate at this time in the daughter`s life - lay. Other husband on his place would take an interest and what we, I`m sorry, will play. And my man just like that, simply told: It will be necessary to buy a shank. You do not know Peele where? . I adore it for it. Being in itself rather passive person, he not only does not deride my sudden ideas, but even sometimes helps to carry out them.

So, we buy two shanks and we saw one of them on five parts - it will be towns the second on two - bits. It is desirable to process, of course, saw cuts an emery paper. For an esthetics. It is possible to buy a ready set in shop. Though two shanks will cost you hundred rubles, and a ready set - one thousand or two, depending on breed of a tree of which it is made.

Domestic rules are simple. We designate on asphalt chalk a square with the party two meters - city otcherchivay meters in 10 - ti from it the line - a game, in the middle between city and a game - a semi-game. It is better to divide children into two teams and to draw a number of the field for each team (and sets for game it is necessary to make two too). Further we expose on the near " line; cities figures from towns (naturally, identical to both teams) also we begin to beat out them, standing on the line of a game. The team for one course makes two throws. After for city boundaries at least one is beaten out town further throws are made from the line of a semi-game. The figure is considered beaten out when all towns will be beaten out for city borders.

Last days off were given especially warm, and we carried out, at last, this idea. Our child still, of course, is too small for towns. So everything ended with the fact that we played with Tonja in a sandbox, and the husband collected about himself a lot of boys and with enthusiasm jumped with them in the afternoon on the yard. And then smoothly passed from towns to soccer. In the evening at supper shared impressions. Felt emotional lift and even some euphoria not so much from the game how many how boys and neighbors looked at it. The boy with respect and some envy - their fathers do not leave to play with them in soccer, neighbors - someone with a smile, someone bewildered. But all with surprise. Presently the parent playing with children in the yard - an unusual occurrence.

Generally, I urge all to leave this weekend to the yard or to leave on the nature to play with children. Both for the sake of children, and for the sake of. Receive an enormous charge of energy, content yourself and excellent mood.