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Whether it is worth approaching strictly education of accuracy in the child? I do not know

how in other families, and children in our family do not differ in accuracy. When the younger brother studied in the first grade, I sometimes had to check at it lessons. Observed somehow in its notebook on mathematics from above pages the inscription " removed by calligraphical handwriting of the teacher; be accurater and below - efforts of my brother.

He all - did corrections by the handle, then remembered that it is necessary to be more diligent and began to erase blots an eraser. Nothing was impossible, then it for greater effect poslyunyavit an eraser and, of course, wiped a hole. It did not confuse him, it cut out a patch from an album leaf and pasted on a hole. Also drew blue paste of a section.

It was the masterpiece! But the teacher behaved extremely uneducationally and put in it the two for slovenliness. Brother today already ninth-grader. Without having learned to be accurate, he still remembers this episode with offense - he so tried.

When we with the elder brother were small, mother worked with pionervozhaty. Approached education of accuracy on - pioneer creatively. Made posters with a number of pictures on which it was represented as the child does exercises, brushes teeth, has breakfast, changes clothes after school, washes hands, takes out garbage and so on. Under each drawing the pocket where we put a bookmark after performed the operation corresponding to the image on the picture was pasted. It was interesting. The one who carried out everything and quickly needed encouragement. In addition, at us it was accepted that the nursery is a room of children. It was optional to clean toys it every evening. It was possible to arrange an unimaginable mess, and to get up in the morning to finish.

In the husband`s family with discipline and accuracy all was very strict. Rose from a sofa - at once correct the got-off plaid. You wash wooden floors at an entrance - to wash across, to wipe lengthways. In a nursery there was a big wardrobe and a dresser in which things of all family members were stored: the nursery was not personal space of the child. And it besides that the living space without serious consequences allowed to allocate a full-fledged nursery.

I now when we who grew up in such different families have the general daughter, inevitably arise disputes on permissibility borders for the child. In my understanding, the two-year-old child can do everything that does not constitute danger to his life. Wants to mazyukat hands porridge on a table - let mazyukat, wants to draw on a wall - let draws, wants to carry a bucket water from one pool in another - let carries. The husband convinced by me that it promotes development reconciled and does not even object to similar experiments. But all the same it is gnawed, probably, by some doubts in correctness of education when he watches how the daughter compresses cottage cheese in a cam and with interest examines how it filters through fingers.

Therefore, trying to avoid situations at which mother allows something to do, and the father same forbids, we with the husband try not to contradict each other. And to try to organize time and the daughter`s space so that it was interesting to her to be accurate. I will explain.

I somewhere read that rooting of a habit at the adult, requires 40 days. That is if you within forty days force yourselves something to do, on 41 - y it will become a habit. And so children, it seems to me, so love constancy more, than adults that even for them there is a lot of forty days. Therefore if to get something for the rule, the child himself, without reminders, will observe an established order. At least, in a case with our Tonja it works.

Its conservatism allows to adjust a day regimen and a vklyuchitvsa necessary elements. For example, evening ritual of falling asleep. It has to be ritual. Svykshis with sequence: toys were tired and want to sleep, let`s them clean - Good night, kids! - a pot - a bathtub - the pajamas - and mother will sing to you about a bear , she drags me to wash. But also about a bear it is necessary to sing surely. Five times in succession.

Independence - very much convenient quality. When you are late, and the child decides to zip on a jacket is, of course, continuous torture. But it is possible to apply this quality in accuracy education very much even. Tony has the shelf for footwear made of a cardboard box and the hanger for a jacket. And she when comes from the street undresses and puts boots on the shelf. Well and so on.

I, of course, am not sure that at my such mild approach to education, Tonja will grow up accurate. Because a pedagogical delicacy of my mother, frankly speaking, was much less effective, than severity of the mother-in-law. And, as the result, the husband is much more organized than me (somehow awkwardly to write accurater me ). But, in spite of the fact that I not always pedantically display things in places, my present relations with parents are harmonious and are not saddened by memories of excessive severity. I also hope for it, actually, bringing up the daughter.