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Whether the optimist`s superiority over the pessimist is so indisputable? Always considered

that the optimist to be much more convenient, than the pessimist. The sun shines brighter, problems are solved more simply, the mood excellent - is easier to live, in a word. I unambiguously refer myself to category of optimistically conceiving people, I thank for it the cheeful parents. And never the thought that other views have the full-fledged right for existence too came to my mind.

I stayed in cheerful confidence that the optimist`s superiority over the pessimist is indisputable. But recently realized that I irritate the constantly loaded the girlfriend is much stronger, than she me. Give, I think, on the Internet I will look through that stars suspect this subject.

Indeed! Among negative qualities which are introduced in my character by Jupiter there is an excessive optimism (would never think that it there can be a surplus), and on Varya, my friend, the melancholic Moon influences and adds to its character a susceptibility and pessimism . And in general, at us the difficult relations demanding permanent spiritual job.

A if it is serious, then, having tried to present our communication as my friend sees it, I perfectly understood the reasons of her irritation. Moaning, certainly, irritates and therefore, probably, it is considered that the optimist on almost legal grounds has the right to sicken concerning the pessimist. But present what irritation is felt by a reverse side, already practically always grieved, facing continuous misunderstanding of the friend - the optimist.

The series of complaints of my friend, in my opinion, are infinite. I as I can, try to encourage her, to convince that you should not take so close to everything to heart and that small current troubles do not cost global experiences. But mine lunar the girlfriend takes offense, including it lame excuses. And I understood that it I, to the optimist, in case of a problem am helped by these phrases - stamps. They are not necessary to Varya, encouragement only irritate her. It should just be listened and told: Yes - and - and a problem I don`t know what to say . And then it, reveling next grief remains inconsolable and happy.

However I can sneer as much as necessary concerning the girlfriend, but my life experience - well and that that not rich - shows that optimists are by no means happier or successful in life. Varya is successfully married, successful in professional activity, the daughter grows up. And, moreover, its relation to life at which it constantly expects possible troubles in many respects helps it.

For example. Being going with the child to the small river for four hours, Varya in a week makes the list of necessary things. I do not know that it brings in it, but the list occupies two leaves. But, on the other hand, being afraid of all possible world cataclysms, it will never appear in an unforeseen situation. On a rain case it has a raincoat - tent, on a case of invasion of a locust - spray from a locust, on a case of suddenly opened gluttony - a huge basket of food.

Whereas in my life there were situations when, rushing on couples of optimism, I did not think of trifles, did not count all possible options of succession of events, and it was wrapped in problems. And the husband in general calls my optimism a frank indifference, considers it as my main shortcoming and says that such optimism is usually accompanied by laxity whereas to pessimism - a pedantry.

But I do not trust it and all the same I consider that it is easier for me to live. I joke. Actually, I resolutely overestimated the attitude towards optimists and pessimists, and I consider that ours with Varya the difficult relations demanding permanent spiritual job , in connection with my revaluation received a second wind.