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Wine drink or ancient deity?

What for absurd the reader will think? To compare one of these alcoholic beverages arrogant aristocrats French and an ancient deity which is fatal and mystical. With the deity which is valid so much that it is possible to operate destinies of people.

But in France is area of life which unites people is not dependent on beliefs, age, sex, lifestyle. In France Wine is an integral part of all aspects of human life.

Wine as a cult of an ancient deity to which admire make a sacrifice and spend many forces and monetary injections to attach to it the whole world.

Of course the person who did not taste this divine drink, or tried low-quality wine, did not understand it will tell that it only a grape fruit drink with alcoholic degrees .

But that will be told by the person who, having taken a glass of wine in hand and having made the dizzy movement this glass. Will see how envelops this silky drink of a wall of a glass, will feel unique aroma refined amber, ruby or other shade of liquid. And then, having tasted its bouquet, will feel thin notes which fill drink, do it by the saturated, deep and ideal accord of all its elements.

Unless after that it will not begin to understand French in their worship, will not feel its divine essence.

Likely I was fond a little and the reader can accuse me that it is not the facts, but subjective opinion of the author. Allow to provide on it to you statements of the famous people.

Wine represents intellectual part of a meal, and the food is only its material filling . Alexandre Dumas.

I drank blood of kings " here;. Jean Cocteau.

If the Lord wanted to forbid to drink wine, then why it was necessary to do it so tasty? .

Armand of Jeanne de Plessi, Cardinal de Richelieu.

Wine is a constant reminder that God loves us and is glad to see us happy . Benjamin Franklin.

Wine possesses ability to fill soul with truth, understanding, the philosophical relation to life . Bossyue.

Wine is the water which incorporated light of the sun . Galileo Galilei.

The Glass of the Alsace wine is an easy dress, a spring flower, a sun beam which decorate life . Christian Dior.

Drinking a wine bottle, you fill it with the soul . Gerard de Nerval.

Champagne in winemaking it the same that haute couture in fashion . Alfred Grasian.

Here only the few statements of the famous people about this divine drink. Each of them gives to wine the coloring, the image made through a prism of the perception of life. But in what they are unanimous, so it that this image is perfect.

Many critics and experts on events which occur in France now, will tell that now it is not actual. That great experts on art in wine endure a stage of oblivion of the traditions now. Youth of France, having forgotten the traditions, is fond of the new trends in cookery not always having under themselves a cultural basis of consumption. Yes it is. And even in such time French divine " drink; keeps on enthusiasts and true judges. But in any worship of a deity there are coolings. And as history, it only shows in order that in the future will bow with a new force, giving itself, so and the soul. And in such situations, in recognizable, are introduced new and novel to a mudflow of a side which will give to divine " drink; to begin to shine more brightly and for certain to light new corners of the universe.