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What Karlsona arrive to present Kids?

of Nashchot Carlson at thinking options of type of Astro Boy, Batman, Johnny Depp in one of the most rollicking roles, Fantomas and Freddie Kruger are at the tip of the tongue. Here still the Count Olaf from Lemoni Sniket and 33 misfortunes quite - pulls on Carlson our days. Or Bad Santa. Or ghosts - the senior brothers of Casper. Well still Jovovich in Fifth " element; and Hull Berry in a prikida of the Catwoman. And how to you Amano Ai? Such abrupt the tearaway, kuvyrk directly from a TV set also let`s enchant the lonely killed teenager straight off. And? Or Harukhara as option - with her definitely you will not miss. Well or Makhoro on kraynyak... And how to you idea that to our children Beavis and Battkhed with propellers in bums arrived? Here who in the blossoming of forces, differently you will not tell =)

And how in your opinion, Billey and Tommie Kaulittsa suit for Karlsony?

The neighbor - the bibliophile pleased - gave to my girls for the evening the bottomhole " edition; Winds in willows . And the translation that it is necessary, and to the signature to pictures! Cattle I, but not an animal... In prison sgniyosh, the degenerate green! Rattle tsepkam! The Uncle, I seeded all money! To All toads to lie! And we its jolly-boat! Above everything is quiet... (talk of ukurenny policemen during a pursuit), As there is the officer, a rubbish! - I ask to consider that today my birthday... (Mr. Zhabb and the Godfather Hor after reconquest of Zhabbs - the Hall). Here such books are also necessary first of all to our children! I so think. My girls, at least, it is excited.

At thinking there was other translation where the offensive song of the leader of forest bandits sounded There was for walk Mr. Toud, down the street walking... and here directly It what for the idiot lengthways down the street goes? Unless the meaning is not conveyed in accuracy? And in general very much long our children were stuffed with sugary books where garbage cans do not stink, and heroes as if the incorporeal angels feeding on the Holy Spirit - well, you understood about what I... A full separation from severe reality that for children harmfully. And here appreciate otryvochek.

The road that the most unpleasant conducts from the city by Foggy Harbour to the town of Boredom, perhaps, on light. It is called the Nasty Track. The nasty Track lasts through fields sickeningly - gray color on which the handful of sickly trees will give rise to such sour apples that it at one view of them cramps cheekbones. The nasty Track crosses the Gloomy River, mass of water which on nine tenth consists of silt and in which extremely vile fish is found. Then the Track bends around factory on processing of horse-radish - can imagine what caustic smell costs in all this the district. (Lemoni Sniket Snake " Hall; the first paragraph of chapter 1)

In the subsequent books heroes get on sawmill where workers for dinner are given slightly burned potato baked pudding, and for breakfast - pay out a plate of chewing gum, a wages the coupons which are pulled out from magazines on discounts. Then appear in a boarding school where they are lodged in the shed built from a tin which ceiling is mouldy biologically rare species, continuously exuding moisture, and on a floor little, but very unpleasant crabs incessantly run. Besides the schedule of a boarding school is so wild and ridiculous that it should be broken, and for each violation sadistic and humiliating punishments immediately follow.

Has to tell that I also write books for children. Action of one of them happens in the closed school for girls, the relations between whom come far for a traditional framework, and the director of studies of this school reminds the officer of Gestapo (by the way, it is the lady). Chapter 1 begins with the word vile and at once then the cruel fight and punishment over the senior pupil on duty follows. This punishment is carried out in the spirit of lesbian sex and BDSM.

I remember myself in 12 years. Read then avidly Krapivin. And at it, as we know, hardish things come across. Besides The Swing in Pushkin Hills - there with might and main teenage problems, but the book good, such lyrical stories in the spirit of the movie " rise; 100 days after the childhood . And then the collection where the fantastic story " stood header got; The Cage for violent - that the culture of consumption is a trap and this danger takes mankind just through youth. And other works there generally were sad. Materialism, self-affirmation at the expense of a junk, acquaintance to black marketeers, a lot of unpleasant characters - neighbors, teachers, parents of schoolmates of etc. And then the same librarian with whom I very much became friends stuffed to me books - are annotated for teenagers, and in practice there was a continuous lawlessness of street gangs, horrors of Nazism and some cellars with drugs and mattresses splodgy with sperm... One story about day from the school student`s life, full of any troubles, another about the girl from decent the family which got to thieves` gang, the third about the girl - everyone strove to rape then the Eskimo who at school was thrashed a belt on a naked bottom for what told on - Eskimo and. Was about the teenager who had a stepfather a drug dealer, and mother directly at him left a bathtub because was eternally drunk and in general tryokhnuty. But generally he not bad spent at them vacation. Repaired the old car which stood in a shed, and as a result left by it to the grandma and the grandfather at whom lived. About the girl - the immigrant who was badgered at school and as a result she ran out on the street and rushed under the car. And the little boy who liked to look at cars with flashers stood nearby. Generally everyone was, and all this affected what I became as a result. And still I remember a story about the boy who wanted to get to street gang, and there was it during war in the destroyed by bombing Berlin, this gang marauded with might and main there, they appointed to it test, moved in ruins, tied with a scarf eyes, ordered to reach the end of a wall and to jump off. He jumped off, and they filled up everything with beaten glass there. And then told that for the end of test he has to tell that he did yesterday. Wanted to convict that helped mother about the house. Well it also sent them with their gang. And how you consider, the youth on such books has to grow? I then was 13 years old the most bigger.

And still, it is necessary to tell, I watch an anime with 6 - summer age because I was then abroad where it was shown. And still greedily watched soap operas there - fighters of the " type; A " Teams; Knight Dorog and Miami Weis terribly were pleasant then because in the Soviet Union I did not see it. Zametta - to me was 6 years old, 7 were in passing executed.

Yes, and I read Playboy with 14 - summer age, over time just bothered and there was it not that, through proglamurenny at all...

Was to me 11 years, and there was a wish to read the comic book. So the uncle bought everyones and probably did not see before to give me. As to sovok measures it was the coolest porno. In one plot it was borrowed from It is difficult to be god only Rumata`s mistress (him there in a different way called) stark naked hung around. Also there were many frank scenes. Present that it fell into hands of your children.

Fairy tales still original came across, just rare editions. Shamisso, Muzeus... The Japanese and Chinese fairy tales were pleasant very much. Outcast somewhere in 12 years read in a volley, and these tightened retreats very much were pleasant. Nagibin in soul sank down, especially the story Echo on which the movie was. This book in hospital got to me where generally over me scoffed as in a concentration camp and only reading rescued me. And in the same place the fairy tale of some Lithuanian, about the country inhabited by vegetables like " got to me; Chipollino only the power subordinated the people much more sophisticated and mean tricks there, and, above all - even among the simple people and any poor of any decent personality was not. And the end was absolutely sad there.

Probably, clear partly why I became such.