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What is celebrated in the world on November 1?

Expectation of gifts, jokes, toasts, fun, surprises, the close family, the best friends, a feast, tasty food, champagne splashes, pleasant vanity and good words are as you already, for certain, guessed, a holiday ! Perhaps, the only event in life for which equally strongly wait, both adults, and children.

A holiday - day idle, that is free from any occupation. It is a little surprising that the word idle on Old Russian had as well other values - empty, useless, usual. In translation into English the holiday means - sacred day. And so this bezdelny day also pleases all with idle emptiness in the head and ease at heart.

On November 1 is the third, most idle day around the world by quantity celebrating it (after a holiday of Christmas and New Year). But this day inhabitants of the planet Earth celebrate not one holiday, and a little.

1. the Holiday affecting the bigger number of people on November 1 is called - All Saints` Day. Since the 7th century all Catholics this day remember those Saints who have no own holiday.

2. the Most ancient holiday which is celebrated already more than 3 thousand years (according to scientists) - Day of the dead. Despite the name, day this joyful and cheerful: on beliefs, souls deceased for several days come back to the earth our promised. Since October 30 - 31 in Mexico and some states of the USA - the fancy-dress festival begins. 3 days ring a hand bell, convoking souls of the dead, bake Rolls of dead persons perform rituals. On November 1 in Mexico call - Ankhelitos (angels): souls of children from the special place where there is a wonderful tree from which branches milk drips come back to Earth. It is considered that Day of the dead is the cornerstone of All Saints` Day and Halloween.

3. Day of the goddess Keyllig and god Luga - a holiday of the Celtic people, it has to some extent something in common with Day of the dead. The goddess Keyllig according to legends, the old, ugly and crafty empress of death, defined weather and was responsible for change of seasons. God Lug - the conductor of the dead.

4. Since 1954 on November 1 in Algeria celebrates day of the beginning National - the Democratic revolution. Revolution came to the end with a victory over the French colonial domination and declaration of Algeria as the Algerian Republic.

5. Also since 1954 on November 1 in Japan celebrate the Day of creation Sil Samooborony - military potential.

6. Antigua and Barbuda - the state in Vest - India, three paradise islands (Antigua, Barbuda and Redondo) opened by Columbus with the population only in 70 thousand people - too have the holiday on November 1. In 1981 they declared the independence.

7. In 1994 the day vegans, adherents of a veganizm began to celebrate on November 1. The international Vegetarian Day - a holiday of vegetarians.

8. In 2008 for November 1 has a holiday to which Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev laid the foundation. The world Day of Men is annually celebrated on the first Saturday of November. In the name of this holiday, as well as in the name International Women`s Day there is a mistake (other definition no, to this incident): as in the world the Day of Men is celebrated in one countries in March, in others in June (and about the International Women`s Day on March 8 in the world did not hear at all). But! Let`s close eyes to this defect and we will indulge a strong half of mankind: let`s not forget to arrange a small holiday to our dear men on Saturday November 1. With a holiday you, the man!

of All inhabitants it is moderate - a continental climatic zone - with the first day of winter!