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Than inhabitants Pompeii were taken up to that tragic day of the 79th year?

according to the guide, people Pompeii were given to three passions: to a gluttony, sex and shows. They had fun 24 hours a day, drank in wine liters, ate all day long different viands, had a rest, made love, went to theater, discussed and watched fights of gladiators.

In the territory there was the amphitheater reminding the Roman Colosseum which accomodated up to five thousand viewers and in which there took place bloody fights of gladiators, including with tigers and lions. On the special courses of hungry wild animals let out from cages on a ring to fight to death, and won against the strongest, quite often the lion or a tiger was it. As a rule, in fight there were men sentenced to death if someone won a victory, then it was granted freedom.

In the city there was an arena for political debate, from an aqueduct water for acoustics that voices of the speaker and people from the hall were well heard was filled in on a floor. The places of honor in the hall belonged to the rich and noblemen, people more poorly, and on the gallery - women who could be present at similar debate sat above, but had no right to vote.

To Pompeii there was even a street red lamps where visiting seamen from the nearest seaport followed on the signs in the form of man`s advantage cut on the road. At that time there were no lampposts and in the evenings on city streets was very dark, women loudly howled as hungry wolves, inviting clients, and men directed on their call, carrying by force of unrestrained instincts.

The brothel was divided into a set of small cabins where in a privacy with women of easy virtue of the man indulged in ardent passions. Having glanced in one of such closets on which walls frescos with erotic sketches were drawn, I was surprised to extremely small sizes of a stone bed. In those days Romans obviously did not differ in high growth, they hardly reached a point of 1,6 meters.

Outside on walls there were signs in the form of the same male pride if cabins with girls were occupied, then stone cucumber showed down - it is busy and if up, then freely . In a waiting time of the turn of the man were invited in special institutions where they could enjoy wines and have a snack.

If it is honest, then it was very a shame to me to go in such places with my daughter 10 - ti years. I asked it to stand aside, but when all tourists turned the eyes and set the cameras on the men`s body which is sticking out on a wall, I felt ill at ease. The daughter asked: What is it? I which - as it otnekatsya, having thought up the version: about a hook for hanging.

Tsentralnaya Street paved by huge cobble-stones during pouring rains was filled in with water which stood on the road. Stones across a pavement served for crossing of the street to the opposite side, and a glade between them for journey of chariots which iron wheels for many years did a deep track.

Floors of houses of rich citizens were laid out by a mosaic, some coverings remained in original state. One house called by archeologists Two boars it was nicknamed so from - for a mosaic covering before an entrance.

Rich pompeyets had servants, own garden for walks in the fresh air, bedchambers for rest, drawing rooms for reception of guests, separate bedrooms for each family member and dining rooms for infinite meals to which considerable time in life was allowed. But pompeyets lived not for long, in 40 years they were considered as old people and died. As archeologists found out, they departed on a next world not from a gluttony at all, and from usual water. The matter is that water pipes were made of lead which together with water got to an organism and slowly from within it destroyed.

Also in the city the laundry was organized, in the evening people exposed on the street of an amphora with dirty linen, workers of a laundry brought together him on the cart harnessed by a horse and then brought back washed to a whiteness, pure and dried up clothes.

When you think of the city of Pompeii, Bryullov`s picture " occurs at once; Last day Pompeii about which, strangely enough, the few Italians know. If it is honest, to me this picture was remembered since the childhood and always cast inexplicable horror when we journey to Mongolia stopped at the Moscow relatives. As now I remember: this picture hung on a wall, and we had to sleep under it on a wide bed, and I long could not fall asleep, being under impression of the represented persons with fear in eyes.

The fact that inhabitants endured that day Pompeii it is only possible to guess. But at them were which - what chances to avoid this fate if they left in time the city as soon as ashy snow began to fill up Pompeii what inhabitants did not attach great value to, for as paid with the lives.