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How to untwist a rusty threaded connection?

How to perform this work if near at hand there are no special means released by the industry?

Much had to be upset in such situations more than once. Most of all subjects who has old cars, carts or something else. For example, the leaf of a back spring of the old car or cart burst. Fortunately, among stocks from second-hand articles you found just the same. There is no pleasure a limit. Springs do not let out any more, and here suddenly such happiness. However the pleasure lasted not for long. Hardly you reached the step-ladders fixing a spring as suddenly found out that the threaded connection became covered by a rust. Yes what! Simply speaking, the " connection; grew .

In that case there is not enough one cleaning of the termination of a carving and end face of a nut. Of course, connection can be moistened with oil and to try to turn off a cap key not to break a nut side. But also here waits trouble at which the step-ladder, a hairpin or a bolt can be twisted and become torn.

How to arrive in that case? - Yes it is very simple.

Probably, at each hostess, somewhere in a locker, is costed by soda food and acetic acid, simply essence. Also probably houses can be found and the disposable medical syringe. Well, and if there is also no last, then you will buy it for only a few kopeks in any next drugstore. Still the metal brush, goggles, a key for a nut is required, it is desirable cap, and clear water.

When the tool is prepared, it is possible to start difficult operation of untwisting of an overgrown threaded connection.

First that needs to be made is to clear the end of a threaded connection and a nut of dirt and a rust by means of a metal brush. This operation should be made carefully. It is desirable that after cleaning you saw a carving profile on the end of connection.

The second that needs to be made is to gather in the medical syringe equipped with a needle, acetic essence. Do this operation carefully, previously having put on glasses. You watch that essence did not get into eyes. At hit of essence in eyes or on hands immediately wash out them a large amount of flowing water. That operation took place successfully, pour a small amount of essence better in a superficial jar in which the needle of the syringe will be able to reach its bottom, and the case of the syringe will be at you in a hand. Then, having placed a needle in acid, you will be able, having delayed the piston, to gather liquid in the syringe.

Putting liquid on a detail will be the third transition of operation on untwisting. Also carefully it is necessary to bring a needle to a nut end face around a threaded connection, and having slightly pressed on the piston of the medical syringe, to moisten them. It is necessary to moisten connection from all directions a nut then moisten also the remained free carving end, through which it will be twisted.

The endurance of time will be the fourth transition of this operation. It will make 15 - 20 minutes. You will be able to have a rest, after heavy - that works.

Having finished rest, repeat the third transition and you can be engaged in other work on one and a half - two hours. This time is necessary for penetration of liquid and destruction of a rust.

At last passed long-awaited two hours. You in impatience of desirable result. However you do not hurry. Take and once again repeat the third transition.

Now you can safely take a cap key and try to shift slightly a nut. At the same time be not mistaken with the direction of rounds of a carving. The right carving is untwisted counterclockwise, and the left carving, on the contrary, clockwise. As soon as you saw that the nut moved, put a key aside and take the medical syringe with essence. Insert a needle into the formed gap between an end face of a nut and an element of the connection pressed by it, having injected a small amount of essence there. Give time to it to spread, minutes five, and you can continue untwisting. You make untwisting with rockings of a nut in both parties. It will promote the best greasing of the rubbing surfaces of connection and will protect from a prikhvatyvaniye and failures of strings of a carving.

At last, the nut was screwed together. Now it is a high time to neutralize effect of acid. For this purpose fill a little baking soda in improvised capacity, we will allow a tablespoon. Then pour in this volume of two hundred grams of water, stir soda and ship in this solution of a detail, moistened with acetic acid. Hissing demonstrates reaction existence. Repeat this procedure until reaction does not disappear.

Upon termination of neutralization wash out details of a threaded connection clear water and wipe dry with rags.

Putting greasing on the neutralized details which will serve as temporary preservation prior to assembly process will be the last stage.

In such a way can untwist threaded connections which were not untwisted decades.