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What four U.S. Presidents were killed and who were their murderers?

At last there passed time when from us a lot of things were hidden when the vital facts just discouraged and shocked the whole world. Those facts which are reflected in my article only scanty part of that huge political puzzle which other part is covered with a gloom and the press strictly confidentially

Abraham Lincoln was killed by John Wilks Booth. John Wilks Booth (1833 - 1865) this person belonged to

to the most nice theatrical dynasty, his brother Edwin and his father Junius is still remembered by all America as outstanding actors of Shakespearean theater. It would be remembered even if it would not kill Abraham Lincoln.

Booth was well known in Ford`s theater in Washington which was visited on April 14, 1865 by the president with the spouse and friends to look at the thoughtless play Natasha American cousin . It is possible to get into a presidential box during the third act. Booth shot to Lincoln at the head from half a meter distance. Then he jumped from a box on a scene with loud shout Sic temper tyrannis! ( Death to tyrants ! - the motto of the State of Virginia ), having broken at the same time a leg. It managed to disappear at the same time, Lincoln died next day in the morning. During detention Booth was killed, or can be, was shot itself, it remained not clear.

Dzhyms Garfield was killed by Charles Dzh. Gito.

Charles Dzh. Gito (1841 - 1882) - obviously not the most outstanding personality in modern history - had most likely schizophrenia. In the childhood it was extremely excitable, the father beat him to help the son to cope with stutter. Gito had neither friends nor women; Gito reported everything that his mission - to become the U.S. President, and after that and the lord of the world. He helped Garfield to hold a post of the president and hoped for a high position in the White House, but Garfield ignored it. Gito`s

spent June, 1881, watching the president who went across Washington openly, often without maintenance. On July 2 at the railway station Baltimore and Potomac when the president was going to get on the train, Gito approached it behind and shot at a back twice. After death of the president, Gito, despite obvious diminished responsibility, was sentenced to death and hung up in June, 1882.

William Mack - Kinley was killed by Leon Zholgosh. Leon Zholgosh (1873 - 1901) was born

in Detroit in a family of the Polish emigrants, say that it as well as Gito, was not absolutely pormalen mentally. In youth being a worker on the rolling mill in Cleveland, he was fond it was fond of the anarkhitsky doctrine and came to the conclusion that the government and economy of the USA - natural enemies of all workers. Therefore he decided to go to a last resort and to kill the president. At the very beginning of the second term, on September 6, 1901, on torgovo - an industrial exhibition in Buffalo. He welcomed all audience shaking hands with people from crowd. In time performance of the sonata of Bach the president gave a hand for handshake to Leon Zholgosh. The murderer shot twice from the gun which held wrapped in a handkerchief. The president fainted, having managed to speak before: Do not allow them to do it harm . He meant the furious people who came to a meeting with the favourite president. The president died in Buffalo on September 14, 1901 after the wound inflamed and gangrene began.

Zholgosh was executed on an electric chair in prison of the city of Auburn, the state New - York. It occurred on October 29, 1901.

Lee Harvey Oswald of John F. Kennedy.

Lee Harvey Oswald (1939 - 1963) - this personality who is not solved still, the person who was not remarkable during lifetime however after death interest in it does not cease. It killed the president John F. Kennedy and wounded the governor of Texas John B. Connelly in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Two days later when Oswald was transferred to other prison, he was shot by John Ruby, the manager of night club from Dallas, - at this moment live television broadcast all over the country was conducted .