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Whether it is possible to stop cold?

Probably, will not be in the world of any person who would not catch a cold. Epidemiologists counted: we have cold and flu by 5 times more often than all other infections, combined. Our task - to protect itself.

Who in risk group?

during a seasonal cold snap to avoid colds, it is necessary to be especially careful. First of all, to elderly people aged after 60 years. Their organism copes with temperature differences worse, and overcooling besides can provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases. On the second place - tired workaholics: after the long working day immunity decreases, and, having got under an opposite sleet, it is possible to catch a cold easily.

The line of defense

to protect itself from viruses, daily have a glass of infusion of the hips taken equally and guelder-roses, herbs of a melissa and a sage: 1 table. spoon of collecting fill in 200 ml of abrupt boiled water, insist 2 hours in a thermos, cool and filter. Drink within a month. In the morning and accept 0,5 g of vitamin C in the evening, jamming it a citrus. They contain special substances - the bioflavonoids helping an organism to acquire a curative askorbinka. Before an exit from the house grease a mucous membrane of a nose with oksolinovy ointment or dig in 3 - 4 drops of interferon in each nostril.

If you got sick

Even if there is no temperature, but feel not in the best way, it is worth seeing a doctor, but not to hope that the indisposition will pass. Not to waste precious time for long fight against cold, begin to fight actively against it at emergence of the first symptoms.

At the beginning cold, and also at cough to an organism needs a lot of liquid. Drink as much as possible tea with raspberry, honey and a lemon. Also the warming procedures for legs will help. It is possible just to smear for night of a foot with nutryany fat or the warming balm, to make a hot bathtub for legs. For this purpose with water add 200 g of salt and 150 g of mustard powder to a basin. Stir and lower legs to a shin, having covered from above with something warm. Hot water needs to be added regularly, it should not cool down. When legs redden, rinse them warm water, wipe dry, put on woolen socks and you go to bed.

For cough and a sore throat are perfectly helped by inhalations. If you have no inhaler, it is possible to use a usual pan and a towel. For such procedure prepare infusion. Take 1 table. to a spoon of leaves of an eucalyptus, mother - and - stepmothers, a peppermint, fill in 0,5 l of boiled water. Let`s be drawn and add 0,5 more l. Be covered with a towel and, having inclined over a bowl, you breathe a nose, a mouth of 10 - 15 minutes.

And, of course, lean on chicken broth. Its efficiency in treatment of cold is scientifically proved by scientists from the Munich university. They tested 13 various soups and came to a conclusion that the sore throat best of all calms and chicken soup facilitates breath. It occurs because that in its broth connections which stop production of slime in a nasopharynx are formed.

The main recommendation

During a cold season: not to overcool, avoid drafts and to strengthen immunity vitamins and if ached, not to be lazy and begin treatment at the first displays of a disease. And still: good mood and sense of humour - excellent vitamins in itself for an organism and at the same time always at us near at hand. We will be so healthy!