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Floristics or flowers on a wedding?

Any festival cannot do without flowers, especially - a wedding. And it is unimportant what flowers will decorate wedding ceremony or will be presented to newlyweds - modest violets or magnificent roses, the main thing - the nobility what flowers that mean what can tell their color of, they possess the language, not similar to anything. So if you were going to decorate a wedding with flowers, you remember


- white - responsible, solemn color. White wild flowers: the camomile, snowdrops, lilies of the valley, a white lilac is flowers of youth. In hands of young people, girls they get a special charm, and here in hands of the lady of middle age - some comedy.

In general, white flowers it is better to give to young people as they are a symbol of youth, freshness, purity;

- pink - universal color. Pink flowers as if speak: I kindly treat you therefore they are given to people of any age and a floor, in any case;

- motley - such coloring happens at carnations, tulips and other flowers. No matter, what colors are mixed in them, flashing multi-colored sparkles, the fact that such flowers are pleasant to all is important, raise a smile. They are universal as well as pink. Safely decorate with them a wedding as they lighten mood at people;

- red - is careful with this color. This declaration of love, and than is more flower it is poured by " blood; that the strong feeling giving. If we can present a red flower to the friend or the relative whom we gently love, then is dark - red we give only to those with whom are in love. Therefore when the guest on a wedding gives to the bride a bouquet of red flowers - it is very and very suspiciously if not to tell more...;

- yellow - quite dangerous color which means love change therefore if the young man wants beautifully, to leave without showdown the girl, it gives it a bouquet of yellow flowers. In this regard we urge dear grooms to give never to the brides in the wedding day yellow mimosas and narcissuses, remembering that the happy woman remains superstitious, despite of dizzy happiness.

However, here is two exceptions:

- yellow flowers, it is possible to give to people with whom you do not consist in the love relations and which, therefore, this gesture will not frighten. Besides, it is known that actors and just artistic natures love yellow color so safely you give them solar flowers;

- tea roses which happen and is pale - lemon and is dark - brown, are considered as flowers of elegant women. French define age of female elegance from 35 - ti to... So in hands of the elegant, mature lady (the mother-in-law, the mother-in-law or the grandmother) tea roses look excellently;

- lilac and blue are irises, asters, pansies, a lilac, wild flowers (forget-me-nots, hand bells, cornflowers) - they are not considered as festive flowers, but love them for their unusual found - color refined people - please them in the blue flowers and emphasize their originality. Remember that lilac color very much suits the people getting in the way of moral perfection, and blue and blue imposes people gentle and very sensitive;

- black. The Black rose - a grief emblem . Yes, roses happen black, as well as tulips. However at mourning they are not given, they speak about mourning of your heart or soul more likely: I sent you a black rose in a glass... These are flowers of distinguished melancholiacs. So if you organize a wedding against the will - you can safely buy a bouquet of black flowers;

- colored - appeared much. Green are universal. It is color of hope. It signals: Keep, the friend, - all ahead - for you will light up soon green light . And here with blue, please, more carefully, especially with carnations. Many decades a blue carnation are an emblem of homosexuals therefore the young man giving to the bride blue carnations wildly looks.

A now when you know what coloring of flowers speaks about, you will be able to make difficult and beautiful bouquets.

I still: it is better to give flowers in buds to young; the more, the flower is brighter, more magnificent, the his owner has to be more senior.