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If the man changed?

Yesterday I read the interesting book. From beginning to end, without running forward. To me it became sad and, without knowing how now to have a good time, I took phone of the spouse in hand and decided to see one small peephole its entering and outgoing messages.

It turned out that this occupation extremely interesting, considering the present prices of printing production - I recommend to all wives of the world.

Come exactly in 8, it in business trip wrote my beloved to the mysterious stranger Klara Petrovna (to ZhSK - 9).

In the same place in 20, ordered the same table it already for the subscriber Polikarpovn.

Or here still, my favourite, from earlier unpublished:

I Take off according to the schedule, meet in Sheremetyego2, prepare condoms. It is a lot of. Kiss kiss it already from Alexander Sergeyevich (the slave.)

On the one hand I was glad to mine as it seemed to me, absolutely ordinary husband earlier - to the manager of very average link, was glad to its creative and not the weakest libido. To write down in the telephone directory the mistress as Polikarpovn or agree to arrive to a meeting to Alexander Sergeyevich with a box of condoms - on it a certain originality of thinking is necessary.

On the other hand there was a question: what to do? To Tyknut in its cunning ugly face phone with the found sms - it is not intelligent supposedly and what you climb my personal belongings? To Pretend that nothing occurred when, it made happy at my expense the remarkable number of women, men, and, perhaps, and pets, it is not honest too.

When it left a shower pure and happy I asked:

- And who such Polikarpovn while you were not she called 3 times.

- Polikarpovn? Mmmm... And well of course, same from work, the HR manager. Strange, what she calls in the evening? Possibly it concerning my new employee, it cannot pick up to me the candidate in any way though time already draws in and...

- There are a lot of words. To which for the person I talk at most 15 minutes a day, the whole pood of details. Try once again. Who such Klara Petrovna?

- I explain to you. This is our HR manager... Klara Petrovna? And it that here and?

- I believe that at the same. Answer where you were last night?

- I... I... I..., the husband began to blink and stammer often. I spoke, was at the airport met the colleague.

- I read your messages. You slept with Alexander Sergeyevich? I could forgive all to you, but it. It is already higher than my forces. Admit!

- No, it not that you thought, it in an address book is so written, actually it is the woman.

- And, clearly, then you are forgiven. Time woman, then anything terrible. Fuuu... just a stone from soul.

The husband mistrustfully looked at me, thievishly smiling. Cattle!

Here in general and all story about that as was left without husband and, apparently, without apartment and that the most terrible without means of support...

I thought that if you have a magazine of questions and answers can be will prompt what now to esteem? And still: why all men such reptiles?