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The charlotte bothered? Or still to prepare from apples.

I Love apples. Every day on apple - as the unknown doctor registered. But here trouble. If to me to liking fresh, then my house give something baked. And choosy they at me: every day give something brand new, and charlottes and strudels podnadloyet that already! Here it is also necessary to turn, invent. The husband made the order. Now, when began to prepare an apple season something from apples and the chocolate loved by it. The combination seemed to me a little strange, but having looked for ideas on the Internet, found a lot more fans of such association. Having inspired, started business. What to tell, the result pleased with the encouraging smells from an oven. As a result there was a new cake - pie which very much was pleasant to my members of household and neighbors which recipe, would like to share also with you.

So, it will be necessary for us:

1 packing of oil (200 g) of

2 glasses of

3 sugar of

egg 0,5 glasses of water (either serums, or apple juice or any liquid)

2,5 glasses of the

flour of 2 tablespoons of

1 cocoa of h l. cinnamon (only for fans of apple pastries with cinnamon)

1 of h l.

soda 2 glasses of apples of the chocolate droplets cleared and cut in cubes

1 glass (behind absence it is possible to iskroshit a tile)

we Start preparation. At first we will include a plate and we will establish temperature about 170 degrees. While it gets warm we will make dough. Let`s take a big bowl and we will churn butter with sugar there (the mixer turns out much easier). We add gradually eggs and water (it is possible to add any liquid - in taste will only win. If there is a serum, is just remarkable).

We will separately mix all dry ingredients. It is better to sift flour with cocoa.

Now it is combinable, all prepared products which are available for us. Well mixed and laid out in a form which was previously oiled and sprinkled with flour (sprinkled and turned, having knocked a little, to a chtob surplus fell).

We put in an oven and we have patience. It is necessary to wait for about an hour and 15 minutes. But you, after one hour glance in an oven. As soon as there is a dry match the middle of pie, so it also is ready.

To fans of glaze - it is quite relevant. But also pie in itself very saturated and damp on taste.

, For those who like more classical recipes I suggest to prepare for

an apple pudding. If you have a stale long loaf (it is possible to use bread, a biscuit), then to a porobuyta, will not regret. We prefer to train him on Sundays. Let`s start?

I take:

4 glasses the long loaf cut with cubes

1/4 of a glass of raisin (to wet in advance, for fans, it is possible and in cognac)

2 glasses of the cut

apples 1 glass of

1 3/4 sugar of a glass of

milk of 50 g of margarine (I prefer oils - far away from unnatural products)

2 of

1 egg of h l. cinnamon

we Heat an oven to 170 degrees. We oil a form. We mix bread with raisin and oil. In a separate saucepan we mix milk, sugar and margarine on slow fire before full dissolution of sugar and margarine. We add the received weight to bread and we spread in the prepared form. Separately we shake up eggs with cinnamon. We fill in with eggs bread and we put in an oven for 40 - 50 minutes.

While the pudding prepares, we will make to it gravy. Let`s take 3 crude egg yolks and we will bring down them from 50 g of sugar to a pobeleniye. Let`s separately boil 1 glass of cream - milk (in half). Constantly shaking up, we add dairy - creamy mix to yolks. Here it is possible to add vanilla for the best taste. We heat on slow fire to a zagushcheniye (we do not boil). We cool. By then also the pudding will be ready. We cut off a piece, we water with our sauce. Bon appetit!