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And you are afraid of black cats? You Remember

, at E. A. On there is a story Black cat where the devil creation of color of night which is picked up out of pity by a certain fan of animals directs horror at the savior in the beginning, jumping to that on a breast at night, and after at all it ruins, helping police to solve the awful crime committed by the new owner? Quite terrible bagatelle, has to tell you.

Half a year ago and at me appeared such black cat. Whether neighbour`s, whether ownerless - I do not know, but the fact that its past was more carefree than its present does not raise doubts as it feeds strictly on meat and fish, and prefers to rest not where - nibud, and in our bed that already repeatedly provoked family quarrels - not at a cat, of course (cats it is even stronger than it began to love), and here in our family the pressure is observed.

It was just a pity for a cat: the frost on the street and at me a man`s heart isn`t made of stone, here also let to get warm the God`s creature few times, treated to a small fish, for as suffered innocently.

At night on a breast to me he, of course, does not jump as in the story of the master of horrors On, but the dissonance managed to bring in a family and spoiled nerves as prevredny creation appeared. Now, as you do not drive it as not otvazhivay, it impudently prt to the house, but you will not let - shouts like a stuck pig under a door. Sometimes you will wave a hand, you will let in - God with you, bothered worse than a bitter radish. You look, and he already on a feather-bed luxuriates, washes the dirt, the infection, from pleasure rumbles as an old tractor. You it for a door - and it again here. You for a door - and it to the house as if it is played, the stinker! Bothered - there is no urine!

One night after clear-out in the yard, having collected all garbage in a bucket, I left capacity near a door and, as usual, came into the house and, again - as usual - nothing strange, found the black the friend, it is proud pacing in vanguard and heading - you know where. The wife was at home and, having seen a cat, a zaprichital: How many it is possible to speak . I did not begin to wait for the end of the phrase and fast exposed an animal for a threshold. The cat was patient and in five minutes when the door opened, slipped inside again. The wife with reproach looked at me. Understood - quickly I thought and, having seized the impudent fellow in an armful, accurately turned him out.

The cat had nothing to do, ahead there was the whole night and therefore, having improved the moment, in ten minutes he fatly walked up and down on the room, aiming as if it is more convenient to settle on a sofa. Having loudly sworn, with fighting shout I rushed towards to a cat, seized him with both hands and without any ceremonies catapulted it for a door. Having landed meters in five, he took of me a baleful look. However, I did not begin to examine it, and simply slammed a door. Inside everything boiled.

Five minutes later, having heard some noise near the house, the wife looked out to learn in what she business and burst in loud laughter: Go, look that your friend made! . I rushed to a door. On the earth in a disorder the scattered a lot of recently carefully collected stuff and the overturned bucket lay. On a floor - start a bast anew - in a fit of temper I thought. And in the distance the black silhouette of a cat slowly thawed. Horror, and did not dream Mr. Po.